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Shepherd finally gets the jackass to wake up and Drunko handles Jaime immediately. Shepherd says, "He was right, wasn't he?" Doctor Drunko just says that he nodded off and orders some coffee from a nurse. "It won't happen again," says Doctor Drunko. "Yeah, not in here, it won't," says Shepherd. He turns to the nurse. "Uh, Steph? Call Dr. Pennington. Hopkins, take over until she gets here." He turns back to Drunko. "Get out of here and get it together." Drunko leaves immediately. George is vindicated. Meanwhile, Digby's going into organ system failure and it does NOT look good. Burke runs in and Alex gets him caught up and just as Burke orders the defib pads to be charged, Digby flatlines. Alex tries to perform CPR manually, but Digby's still flat. At the same time, Shepherd continues to work on Jaime's little brain as Cristina watches. He finishes the procedure and tells the other doctor to close up as Cristina gushes about how she was feeling sick before but now she doesn't at all. "I was tired before," says Shepherd. "Now I'm tired again." He points up at George and indicates that he wants to meet him outside.

"Let me explain," says Derek, minutes later in the hallway. "It's fine!" says George in a tone that suggests it's not fine at all. "There is a code among doctors," says Derek. "We're not supposed to ask each other questions within the walls of this hospital." "Okay, I WAS OUT OF LINE," George shouts as he stomps off like the child that he is. "No, you weren't!" says Derek. "I was. I was out of line. Somebody should have taken responsibility and it should have been the guy doing the cutting. It should have been me. You didn't deserve what happened to you in there today. You did the right thing, code or no code." See? See George? That's why he's awesome! Derek offers his hand up for George to shake and George scoffs and looks like he's not going to take it, but he finally does. And that's when Derek realizes what's going on. "You saw me leave the house this morning, didn't you?" George is all, oh, was that you? I didn't...I don't look different in the morning after lots of sex! Derek shoves George's hand away and says that he's not using Meredith and he doesn't favor her. "She's pretty great, you know!" is all George will say. Derek agrees with him and then says that they should go tell Jaime's parents that she's going to be fine. Derek clamps George on the back and George tries to shrug off his hand like the moany little chick that he is.

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