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Life is hard. Let's go get a slushie.

Meredith is escorting Claire to recovery as the girl asks if she's going to get fat now that she's been fixed. Mere tells her she won't and Claire's all, awesome! That's when Mere tells her that she's asked social services to contact her parents because they can help her. "With what?" Claire asks. "You don't know this yet," says Mere, "but life isn't supposed to be like this. It's not supposed to be this hard." As Claire contemplates this, we return to Digby, whose death has just been declared by Burke. "First guy I ever met out here from my home," says Alex as he looks at the Polaroid of Digby's bullet wound.

Later that night at Grey Manor, Izzie's frosting a cake she just baked. Mere enters the kitchen and goes to the fridge. Izzie tells her that if she waits a minute, she can have a piece of cake, baked chock-full o' love. "Actually, chock-full of unrelenting, all-consuming rage and hostility, but still tasty," she qualifies. Heh. Now THAT'S the Izzie I like. Mere asks if she wants the long sordid version or the short sordid version where she started sleeping with a guy who turned out to be her boss. Izzie wants neither. Mere wants her to cut her some slack, but Izzie won't because Mere went to Dartmouth and her mother is Ellis Grey and she grew up at Grey Manor. "You know, you walk into the OR and there isn't anyone there who doubts that you should be there," she explains. "I grew up in a trailer park. I went to state school. I put myself through med school by posing in my underwear. You know, I walk into the OR and everyone hopes I'm the nurse. You have their respect without even trying and you're throwing it away for...what? A few good surgeries?" Well, it's more like a few good fucks, but, you know, whatever.

Mere tells her that it's not about the surgeries and it's not about getting ahead. Izzie asks if it's just about the hot sex then. "I mean, Meredith, what the hell are you doing?" Meredith rolls her eyes and doesn't respond. "Oh my god..." says Izzie. "You're falling for him." Well, DUH. Mere says she isn't. Izzie says she is. Mere says she isn't. "Dammit," says Izzie. "You poor girl." Oh, first you hate her, now you pity her? At least she's getting laid, IZZIE. Mere's all, he's just so...and there's like...and the thing is...and I'm having a hard time! Izzie's all, you're mushy. And confused. And sad. You're definitely falling for him. She cuts Mere a piece of cake. "I hate you!" says Mere, grabbing a fork. "And your cake!" Izzie giggles and says her cake is good. "So, um, how hot is the sex?" asks Izzie. Mere's prudishness kicks in. "Izzie!" "What? Come on! I'm not getting any! Help a girl out with a few details."

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