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Life is hard. Let's go get a slushie.

We don't get to hear the details, unfortunately, because we have to check in on Alex as he's on the rowing machine and angrily tossing down the handle because he's so damn angry about Digby. "Maybe we like the pain," says Mere's voiceover. "Maybe we need it. Because maybe without it, we're just, I don't know..." Derek and George check on Jaime as Burke goes to check on Cristina. She's not in their clandestine meeting room of sex, though. "Maybe we just wouldn't feel real," continues Mere's voiceover as we get a shot of Cristina in the bathroom with a pregnancy test. And another pregnancy test. She took two and I'm thinking she didn't pass with flying colors.

Later, Mere and Dere get ready for bed and he says, "You know, we could just..." "Sleep?" Mere interjects. "We could, yeah, if...if you want to," he says. Heh. He looks wrecked. So does she. They both collapse into the bed with their clothes still on. "What's that saying?" asks Mere's voiceover. "'Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop.'"

Next up on Grey's Anatomy: Mere keeps hitting herself with a penis hammer. Oh, and Cristina's preggers. And it's not pretty.

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