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After Derek leaves the OR, George catches up with him to talk about little Jaime with the Bad Brain. He informs Derek that Jaime has continuous seizure activity in her left foot. Derek grabs the CT scan films and asks how old they are. When George tells him they're three months old, Derek just flings them back in his face and tells him he needs new ones because Jaime's brain could be dramatically different today. He gets on the elevator and George just brightly says, "Okay, I'll order them..." The elevator doors shut. "...doc." Niiiiiice insult, George. Way to wait until the doors SHUT before you deliver it. You da man.

Burke and Alex are going over Digby's films and sarcastically discussing his "pain as ethos" motto. Burke thinks he knows the guy and pulls over Bailey. "Hey, you remember this guy?" "Heeeey," she says. "The tattooed masochist." "Had himself shot again," says Burke. "Glad to see he's still stupid," says Bailey. Heeeee. The boys leave and Bailey checks in with Meredith, who's looking at Claire's abdominal scans. It would appear that, even though Claire is a normal girl of normal weight, she's chosen to have gastric bypass surgery. "And a bad one at that," says Bailey with a grimace.

After the break, Bailey and Meredith tell Claire's parents about the surgery and how it's normally performed on morbidly obese people. Claire's dad is stunned that his daughter wanted to have the surgery. "Claire's not fat!" "Are you kidding?" says her bitch of a mother. "This means the world to her! But it is so typical of this girl to take the easy way out." Oh, there's a special place in hell reserved for this woman. She doesn't even have to wait in line. She's going to be seated immediately by the Head Minion of Hellfire right over at her personal corner table with the flaming blue seats of fire and brimstone because DAMN.

Bailey informs the mother that nothing about this is going to be easy for Claire, especially considering how she's going to have to fight a lifetime of malnutrition unless she has the procedure reversed. "Do the procedure," snaps the mother. "I told her to watch the freshman fifteen. Don't eat junk, exercise. But when she came home at Christmas, who had to buy her a pair of size six jeans because she couldn't get in the ones I got her the year before?" Claire's father looks like a man who'd like to "accidentally" push his wife down several flights of stairs sometime soon. He tries to reason with his wife, saying that Claire tries hard and gets good grades, but Mrs. McBitch is not hearing any of it. Bailey says that there were complications with Claire's bypass and she has an abscess beneath her diaphragm that's causing an edema in the bowel wall. Exasperated, the father just tells them to do whatever they have to do to make her well. Bailey spins on her heel with a look of utter disgust on her face.

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