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Life is hard. Let's go get a slushie.

"Dr. O'Malley!" Derek calls after George. He turns on the stairs, all, "Yes? What?" He's seriously acting like a woman scorned. Oh, and unprofessional. Let's not forget that one. "I'm sorry to bother you," quips Derek, "but if her parents consent, I thought you'd like to scrub in on the hemispherectomy." That sounds like a totally made-up word. "Are you in or not?" asks Derek. "Uh, in!" says George, attempting to erase the image of Derek himself "in" a little something we like to call "Meredith's Pants." George runs off to tell Cristina about cutting a girl's brain in half with Shepherd and she's totally jealous. "It's outrageous!" says George. "Almost makes it hard to hate him." Cristina asks if George knows about Shepherd and Meredith and George is stunned that Cristina already knows. "George?" says Cristina scornfully. "When are you going to learn that I? Know everything." Hee. Izzie walks up and George tells her that Cristina already knows. "What, about doctor-cest?" Heh. Cristina says it's been going on forever and Izzie and George rail on Cristina for not spilling the beans ASAP and Cristina's too busy trying to keep her bile down to bother trying to humor either one of them.

They huddle over the coffee cart as Izzie expresses surprise that Cristina's not more pissed off about Meredith's sexual proclivities. Cristina states that A) Meredith works hard and is good at her job, B) why the hell should anyone care how she unwinds after hours, and C) she herself is sleeping with Burke, so how about everyone shut the hell up? "You like to bake all night," she says to Izzie. "Some people like to drink. Others like the occasional screaming orgasm." "Yeah, we do!" says Alex, walking up. Heh. George spies the drunken anesthesiologist across the way and chooses this moment to bring up how the guy smelled like booze earlier. He wonders aloud if he should say something. "It's a can of worms, George!" says Alex, biting into what appears to be an extremely large and puffy cream-filled donut. "Weren't we talking about sex, anyway?" Heh. Everyone pretends to be disgusted and leaves.

Burke has his tools deep inside Digby's chest as Digby watches. Ew. He asks if this will leave a sexy scar, and Burke chastises him for his odd hobby. Digby says he's dizzy and Burke says he's lost some blood. Digby kind of whimpers in delight as he watches Alex drain the blood out of his lung. Gah.

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