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Alex watches Izzie talking to herself at the hospital. He then watches her fondle Denny's sweater. It comes across as simultaneously creepy and caring. He tells Izzie that whatever it is that she's going through, he knows he can help. It's so nice that Alex has managed to go completely full circle from the Meany McYelly he was a few weeks ago to this concerned, furrowed-brow caring partner. It's a step closer to bringing these two into an actual relationship instead of the dizzying circle of Izzie likes Alex hates Izzie hates Alex loves Izzie. Izzie asks Alex to burn Denny's sweater. If someone asked me to burn an article of clothing of their dead fiancée I would be concerned. Probably enough to call in a psych consult.

Back at home in bed, Derek asks Death to tell him the stories about the adventures of Death and Die. She agrees, but swears him to secrecy. I'm glad she decides to, because it is just another sign that these two actually might be working this time. What can I say? I'm a fan.

Cristina runs after Hunt who has chugged his beer and split the scene. When Cristina catches up with him outside, Hunt flinches like she is a walking IED. She apologizes both for surprising him and for the fact that they lost Mr. Pretzel. Hunt shouts that he doesn't need her to be sorry. He doesn't need her at all! And then he shoves her up against the wall and roughly kisses her. While I am a huge fan of Kevin McKidd's (seriously, I even watched that head trauma time travel show), poor Cristina! Doesn't she deserve better than sporadic tongue assaults? Cristina shakes her head and walks away.

Alex dutifully torches the sweater instead of shoving it in the trash and going about his merry way. The sweater flambé doesn't work for Izzie, though, and she finds Denny waiting for her upstairs. And boy is he pissed! That was his favorite sweater! Izzie freaks out more. She said goodbye! She starts hyperventilating and chanting "You're not real! You're not real!" Denny tells her to stop freaking out and to touch him. She finally gives in to his demand that she touch him, which is totally dirty. Seriously kids: If someone demands that you touch them, don't do it. ["Especially if said someone is DEAD! --AC] Izzie ignores my advice and touches Denny's chest. He is solid. She looks surprised, but then starts making out with him. Does Izzie have a brain tumor? Or do the writers just hate her this much? Or maybe they hate us? God, what did we ever do to them?

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