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Lexie has a cut on her arm. When Cristina gives her the hoary eye, Lexie mutters something about cats, which Cristina doesn't buy at all. So Lexie changes horse mid-stream and claims she has a super scratchy hairbrush, which is just so... stupid. Cristina don't play stupid. She reminds Lexie that weird interns reflect poorly on the residents. Lexie claims she's on her A-game, but Cristina banishes her to plastics. Once Lexie is gone, Alex finds Cristina to gloat. He is on a piggyback heart transplant with the new heart surgeon, Dr. Dixon. Cristina can't believe it. I think she would kick Alex in the shin if she could.

Derek is trying to get Meredith to tell some of the stories from her misspent youth as Death and Die, but she won't give him even a little. Their conversation is interrupted by Cristina who sputters in girl code. Meredith translates for a confused Derek: Lexie may be a secret cutter and there is still no word about why Hahn split. Derek looks shocked about Lexie, but Meredith doesn't care. He points out that Meredith is her family! She should talk to Lexie! But Meredith just stares at him with Does Not Compute written all over her blank face. He gives up and waves away. Gah...what does he see in her again? Based on their interactions so far in this episode, Derek is moving back to Ferryland in no time.

In the ambulance bay, Cristina struggles to tie her gown. Dr. Hunt's strong helping hands swoop in for the assist and Cristina looks surprised but pleased. Callie joins them and when Cristina questions her about Hahn, Callie doesn't want to talk about it. When Cristina pushes Callie starts grumbling about blood and guts and mangled bones. Strangely, Hunt doesn't call her on her ghoulishness. Ambulance time! Some poor homeless man was sleeping in a dumpster when the garbage truck came. They had to extricate the newly-formed human pretzel from the depths of the trash compactor. He is not doing very well and, obviously, the doctors are thrilled. Hunt is so impressed with the extent of the injuries (impaled on his own femur, oh my!) that he actually pages Derek and Sloan for help. Sadie, or Die if you prefer, jumps into help, but Cristina barks at her to stay back and shut up, since it's her first day and all. Ooh,Sadie got put on Cristina's team? That should go swimmingly. Everyone stares at poor Mr. Pretzel.

The Chief is filling Bailey in on the new heart surgeon. They are in no position to be hiring (number 12 position, to be precise), so even though The Chief is prepared to throw money and title and research dollars at her, it is up to Bailey to woo her to the hallowed halls of Seattle Grace. The Chief stops in his speech. He bites his lip and tells Miranda that there is something a little off with Dr. Dixon, but she still is an amazing doctor and they must do everything to get her on staff. Bailey agrees to do her best. Alex is not so quick to agree. He's had his fill of "off." Bailey tells him to suck it up and be impressive. At the mention of "off," Izzie comes running up with the chart for Dr. Dixon's patient and Denny staring at her from his seat on the stairs. Um, Denny? Fire hazard! The Chief spies Dr. Dixon and warns the staff. Miranda rushes to greet her. Dr. Dixon is played by Mary McDonnell (a.k.a. President Laura Roslin). She is dressed in a red coat with a red beret and no makeup. While men consider red to be the sexiest color for women to wear, Dr. Dixon is fighting that stereotype with every ounce of frump she has in her. While Miranda gives her welcome speech, Dr. Dixon sticks out her hand and cuts off the small talk. She is here to perform a heart surgery. She states just the facts ma'am about the surgery and the history of it. She does not make eye contact until the last possible second. Obviously she is a Cylon. The Chief directs Alex and Izzie to assist the doctor. Before they head into surgery, Bailey turns to Alex and agrees that Dixon is a little off. Wait...Bailey has never seen Rain Man?

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