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The Way We Were

Bailey picks up her story, telling the doctors that her "research" didn't help, so Blondie sent Alicia home and Bailey thought she won. A couple of months, afterward, however, Mandy is walking down the hall and sees Alicia back again. She is relieved to see Mandy and explains that they think she might have an obstruction and want to go back in to check it out. Mandy looks at her chart and Alicia cries pitifully that she's not sure she can take it and wants Mandy to promise that this surgery will finally help. Mandy doesn't hear her because she notices the urine from the catheter is dark. When two guys walk in to take her to surgery, Mandy throws her tiny self in front of them and forbids them to touch Alicia just yet.

Lexie asks present-day Bailey if it wasn't bold to cancel her resident's surgery -- and while I think Missi Pyle played Blondie so angry it was comical, I do think that any one of the residents we know and love would kill any intern who so much as thought about doing that to them. Bailey says it was stupid, not bold, but it was necessary.

Blondie comes up to her and demands to know why she cancelled the surgery, and with her crazy eyes blazing reminds Mandy that she answers to Blondie, and that as surgeons what they do is cut. She orders someone to rebook Alicia's surgery but Mandy jumps in and says just because they are surgeons doesn't mean they shouldn't look for another cause. She chastises Blondie, saying if she'd looked into it further and talked to the patient she'd have noticed all sorts of other symptoms, and asks if they ring any bells. Blondie now looks psychotic as she says no and so Mandy announces that she has suchandsuch disease. Mandy basically just did a classic Villain Monologue, describing each step of the way for our sakes when in reality it would have made more sense to spit out the disease name first and then go from there. But this was very, very dramatic. Mandy is on a roll and chastises Blondie for taking out Alicia's ovaries and gallbladder, and though she takes responsibility for taking out her healthy appendix she tells Blondie that she learned from that -- learned not to cut. She then asks how Blondie hasn't learned this yet in three years when Mandy learned it in three months? Richard has walked up and is listening to the tirade, but does try to break in after a moment. Mandy continues to lecture Blondie and talks about the medicine Alicia needs, and doesn't seem to even hear Richard. When she yells at Blondie that she is a "supercilious fool," though, Richard yells at her to meet in his office. Mandy is crying, and shakes her head, sure she's totally busted.

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