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The Way We Were

Callie, still sitting on the stage, tells the crowd that they wound up doing a bunch of shorter surgeries that Sunder's body could handle, and while it was hard on him it was worth it in the end. Alex tells her to show the x-rays, and she jumps up in happy surprise, as if she would have forgotten to show off her end product like that. The before picture is of a leg and foot curled up, while the after shows a leg and foot that are straight and pointing in the right direction. The awed crowd gives her a big round of applause, and Callie laughs, happy and fully herself. She says that it was amazing and that afterwards they celebrated, "Man, did we ever celebrate." We see that she and Alex celebrated with their clothes off in her secret basement bedroom after she swears him to silence, but Arizona clearly guesses what Callie meant and turns to give Alex a questioning look. He's good, though, and keeps a total poker face.

Mandy is sitting in Richard's office while Blondie and her friends watch from outside, laughing at her. Seriously, these windows were the most ridiculous idea ever. Did no one think that private meetings might sometimes be in order? He informs her that his job is to make sure his residents are treated with respect, and Mandy immediately apologizes. Richard tells her, scowling, that she's said enough for one day, and it's his job, "So we're going to sit here, with you wearing that terrified look on your face for a respectable amount of time, so that [Blondie] and her friends can assume you're having your behind handed to you on a platter." She is speechless, and he adds that she's going to be an incredible doctor. When she smiles, he reminds her sternly to lose the smile and she does. Here's my question -- what happened to Blondie and all her friends, then? Presumably this took place not long before the series started, so wouldn't Blondie still be there? Or wouldn't some of those other residents, at least? Which would make this lecture that portrays her as a buffoon kind of inappropriate? I actually really liked seeing the beginning of Bailey's career and think the story was great, but that part doesn't quite add up.

Richard then tells the crowd that while Phillip survived the surgery, he died eight months later of pneumonia. He opts not to speak for Ellis but says that personally that's when he stopped feeling like a superhero and thought about how dangerous this is, reminding them all that the work, as well as one's patients and colleagues, changes them. He reminds them that they can lose their way and to remember why they came here, to remember the oath they took after med school. As the episode-ending music starts up, he raises his hand and, matching the speech he made at the beginning of the episode, begins the oath again. "I solemnly pledge to consecrate my life to the service of humanity." Derek sits up -- he might do well to find a second facial expression other than merely knitting his brow. He repeats the oath as the doctors watch solemnly. Cristina mimes the words as he speaks them, and Bailey smiles proudly. When she turns around she sees Dr. Warren watching her, and smiles shyly as he gives her some silent applause for her lecture. Callie turns to Alex with her own quick, "let's continue to not talk about how I've now been shown to have slept with half the men on this show," look.

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