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The Way We Were

Her promise to Sunder was realized -- he is walking slowly with crutches down the hospital hallway, beaming, and Richard puts a hand on Callie's shoulder to congratulate her on her job.

In 2003, he sees Blondie giving Alicia her medicine while Bailey chats with her very happy patient.

Twenty years earlier, Ellis takes Phillip's hand as he's clearly at the end of his life. Richard takes his other hand, and as Phillip looks up at them they also take each other's hands and look at each other. Phillip takes one last shaky breath, and then leaves this mortal coil.

Current-day Richard is still reciting the oath while everyone watches seriously. When he finishes, everyone applauds warmly and gives him a standing ovation. Derek looks around at everyone beaming down at their former boss; Bailey has tears in her eyes for him. Richard quietly walks off the stage.

Later, he's sitting in the lobby when Derek and Mere come by on their way home. He looks wary as they both smile at him, but Derek just says that the job offer still stands, and to think about it and let him know. Mere gives him one more warm smile, and the two hold hands and leave. Once out of earshot, Richard answers, "We'll see."

He's got a lot to think about -- like how the case that changed him didn't just change him as a doctor. At the bar, pre-Joe, Ellis lifts a drink and toasts Phillip, and Richard raises his Coke to that. Ellis snottily tells him that he can't toast a dead Irishman with a soda, and tells the bartender to give him a vodka. He admits he can't stand the taste but Ellis orders, "It's time to learn. You're a grown-up, Richard. It's time to act like it." He just stares at the drink and then admits he can't leave Adele, but Ellis just nods and answers, "We'll see." She takes a sip of her drink and after a moment, Richard tries his own and grimaces at the taste. And there we have it -- the brilliant Ellis Grey unwittingly, but due to her own selfish ways, helped start Richard down his road to alcoholism.

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