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The Way We Were

Current-day Richard tells the assembled group that he was working with Ellis Grey, two-time Harper Avery award winner, and that this case changed his life. Mere raises her eyebrows, knowing that there's some heavy double meaning there. Cristina perks up and comments that this is going to get interesting and Mere agrees, then smiles, but then looks worried. I'm not quite sure which facial expression she was supposed to have but the fact that she portrayed both back to back unfortunately feels like some bad acting since it didn't make any sense.

He heaps some more praise on the late Dr. Grey, calling her a groundbreaker and one of the best doctors anyone has ever seen, but says that back when she was a resident she was called sugar, nurse, or just nothing. Back in 1982, HITS reminds the doctors that this patient, Phillip, came in for a hernia repair and orders them to figure out fast why his heart stopped. They all walk off, except for Richard and Ellis, and he tells her, "Looks like just you and me kid." Apparently this isn't a new thing; she snarks, "Surprise, surprise."

Callie has dropped her notecards and is whimpering like a puppy as she tries to gather them back up. For what was an overall pretty good episode, this part of the storyline made me actively angry, because it's just not Callie to completely lose her shit like this. I am speaking as someone who is generally personable but who also is absolutely terrified of public speaking, so I'm not trying to write off the fear as dumb or unrealistic. But someone as gregarious, opinionated and social as Callie wouldn't turn into a vomiting, whimpering, mumbling puddle like this. Sweaty? Talking too fast? Jittery? Reading from her cards and not making eye contact? Losing her train of thought? Anything like that I could understand, but turning completely inept just isn't believable and was totally distracting since it felt like yet again an unbelievable character trait was written in just for the sake of story. Arizona finally yells at her just to talk, and like a chastised child Callie agrees and starts mumbling, each sentence in the form of a question, about her patient who wanted his club foot fixed. She had another idea for him.

Richard screams at her, asking if she told him he'd be able to walk. She's confident that her time in the Peace Corps and her experience there with polio will help her out, but Richard takes her down a notch. He tells her that she grew up privileged, which made her arrogant -- a trait dangerous in a young surgeon. Alex watches as she assures Richard that she didn't make the promise lightly and can do it, but Richard just asks if she said she would try or if she said she could do it. She doesn't say anything, which gives Richard his answer, and so he agrees and threatens that her career is going to depend on this case.

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