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The Way We Were

This episode is actually a pretty interesting history lesson -- Richard lectures that in early 1982 there were only five cases of GRID in San Francisco and none at all in Washington State, and that the government wasn't yet funding research since it was isolated to the gay community. When he asks, Cristina answers that they didn't discover the HIV virus until 1983 and didn't develop a test for it until 1985.

It was so new, no one knew how to handle it, least of all HITS. He's enraged that they accused a patient of having this and reminds them that no one has proven the disease actually exists, and that the patient isn't even gay. One of his residents smirks, but a couple of others are embarrassed and I'm willing to bet one isn't necessarily straight himself. Phillip is threatening to sue for slander, so HITS pus Ellis and Richard on probation.

Callie is now sucking down water from a water bottle so loudly it's squeaking with each swallow, and the crowd is starting to giggle. Arizona is nervous for her girlfriend but again, come on. Even nervous she'd be able to drink water quietly.

She's in surgery working on Sunder when the anesthesiologist warns that he's getting unstable. She shushes him and ignores his warning to wrap things up, insisting she just got started. Alex reminds her she started eight hours ago, but she says she's just being thorough. She seems to be trying to convince herself as she says is pretty sure this will work, but the anesthesiologist continues to try to get her to stop. Alarms finally start to ring, and Alex asks Callie if she wants him to walk or live.

Bailey asks the doctors if you learn more from successes or failures. As only people we know answer questions, Avery says failures and earns a chocolate, but she tells him that was an easy question. Alicia was back in the hospital three months later with more pain, and her symptoms indicated appendicitis. Mandy diagnosed her and Richard gave her the appendectomy as her first solo surgery.

Alicia is really nervous, but Mandy assures her it will be okay and once in surgery, Richard compliments her skills. He tells her he was glad she decided to come to Seattle Grace as she was a strong applicant, and she goes from happy to nervous as she glances up to see Blondie boring angry lasers down at her from the gallery. Richard sees it too, and tells her that this is a shark tank, and to "Make sure you're a shark too and not a minnow." She thinks this is a crack about her height but he tells her it's about her being quiet -- he then points out that she's about to remove a healthy appendix. Mandy is devastated but Richard assures her that this happens and to shake it off. She's going to have a hard time, though, with Blondie gloating and holding it over her head as she seems to already be doing from above.

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