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The Way We Were

Callie is STILL mumbling as she says she didn't want to close but she had to. Arizona is worried when she sees how frightfully bored the crowd has become and when Callie loses her train of thought, Arizona turns and tells Alex to help her out since he was there. Alex calls out, "That's when we saw the dude do the thing with his foot." It's a whole lot of extra words to say that Sunder wiggled his toes.

Callie and Alex are in Sunder's room after the surgery and she tells him that it was more difficult than anticipated because his heart and lungs couldn't handle the anesthesia. He's got a crazy halo around his ankle and pins holding everything in place, but he's in a perfectly cheerful mood and assures them he understands, then asks when she's going to go back in. He doesn't understand that she is trying to tell him that it's not going to happen and pleads, wiggling his toes for the first time since he was a kid. He pleads that he has always been stared at and just wants to stand up straight and walk, and he thinks that she can do that for him and begs her to try.

Richard tells everyone that while surgeons hate giving up, he and Ellis were a magical dream team who hated it more than everyone else. However, when a patient refuses treatment, a surgeon is done and that's what they thought. Obviously leaving that hanging means that this wasn't going to remain the case...

Ellis walks up to Richard and they flirt, making plans for an on-call room liaison shortly. However, nothing ruins a sexy moment like a toddler, especially when she's yours, and Ellis is obviously ticked off when a young Thatcher with a rather spectacular, if disheveled, head of curls comes in with Meredith, who is holding Anatomy Jane. Nice touch there, GA. She angrily reminds Thatcher that the doll was for Mere's birthday, but Thatcher is already proving to be inept and says that she was crying for Ellis and he got desperate. The men say hi to each other, and Richard is clearly uncomfortable though he tries to cover it up. Ellis leans down to give Mere a precious couple of moments but the two docs are then paged on the intercom and leave. Meredith grabs Ellis' leg and pleads with her not to go, but Ellis peels her off and yells at Thatcher to take her -- always multitasking, that one. She marches off and Richard gives a guilty look back over his shoulder at Ellis' pathetic, sad little family, even though she is completely unbothered by it all.

They find the doctors all standing outside a room and HITS has a mask to his face as he spits that their GRID patient is back. We can see him inside, and he has sores on his face and is staring blankly away from the gaping crowd. HITS orders them to handle it and when they go inside, Phillip slowly lowers his mask and apologizes, saying they were right about everything. Ellis looks more worried about him than she did about her own family, and he begs the doctors to help him.

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