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Hahn finds Callie looking at an x-ray and asks if she wants to get coffee, while sliding her hand familiarly onto Callie's waist. But instead of agreeing, Callie whips around at her touch and blurts out that she's not cut out for this. "For coffee?" If by "coffee" she means, "sex with women," then yes. Callie sounds genuinely regretful as she says that she thought she could do it but she can't. Hahn's confused since Callie did do it the night before, but after a beat she realizes, "It wasn't good for you." Callie looks tortured, and Hahn just turns and leaves.

Izzie and Alex are back in with Dixon, who can't believe he got so close. But when Izzie consoles him that he still is high on the list and has a really good chance at another kidney, Dixon says that's not what is upsetting him. Izzie realizes, "Oh. Your son." What a professional. Dixon tells her it was his chance to get P.J. back, and despite Izzie's dismissive responses he tells her that he knows P.J. can be a jerk but that he was a bad father. P.J.'s mom died and Dixon worked too much and made a lot of mistakes. Izzie, having already made up her mind about the situation, jumps in to assure him to not blame himself. "Some people are just broken." Alex finally looks up and Izzie continues, "I guess you just try not to care too much. Then you can't be disappointed." Dixon nods through his tears, and as Alex hands him his discharge papers to sign Dixon starts pleading, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Izzie just takes his hand.

Bailey hands Mrs. Brian her discharge papers, explaining that once she signs she is free to go. Mrs. B definitely seems troubled, and tells Bailey she's sure Bailey thinks she is a horrible person for refusing to give her kidney. Bailey keeps a straight face and tells her she isn't thinking anything. But Mrs. B goes on to explain how Brian has taken everything -- her love, pride and dignity -- and that the one thing he doesn't have is her kidney. She can't give him that last part, and repeats that Bailey must think she's terrible. Bailey (who does seem like she might think so, just a tiny bit, even if she is doing a valiant job to not show it) explains that there are good rules in place to keep her having an opinion for a reason. Giving an organ that God gave you to someone else is an extraordinary gift, one that can't be coerced but must be given. She does add, though, that if Mrs. B were to do it -- here she stresses she isn't asking her to do it -- but that it would be for five other people that weren't her husband. Bailey is silent while Mrs. B's holds a pen over the signature line, staring at it with tears in her eyes.

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