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Bailey is awesome at not coercing someone to do something -- next we see is Richard announcing that all six donors are anesthetized and ready. They will go first, and then the recipients will be brought in. All of the pairs will be color-coded so that there aren't any mix-ups. He tells them to work quickly but carefully. "Use each other. Operate as a team." Izzie shoots a glare towards Alex, obviously bitter that she still has to work with someone who doesn't kiss the ground she walks on and marvel at all of her meaningful personal (and always correct) observations. Richard sends them off to make medical history, then comments to Bailey that they are very lucky that Mrs. B changed her mind. Bailey will only agree.

There's nothing I love more than a surgery montage, and this one features a bunch of shots of kidneys being pulled out of bodies. Weirdly, they're already somehow in baggies, and I have no idea how that actually works. I will just bow down to the wonders of medicine and go on. Each donor kidney is put on ice and then flushed with preservation solution. Donors are wheeled out as recipients are wheeled in. At one point, Richard tells Cristina to do the honors, whatever they are, and she's rewarded with a spray of urine. That is a really good thing, though, and Richard happy that things are going well. In another OR, Mere has finished cleaning her kidney and turns to bring it to the donor. She announces, "Walking with the kidney," when after two steps it slips from her hands and gives a very satisfying "splat!" as it hits the floor. She and Bailey stare at each other wide-eyed for a moment until Bailey starts yelling, "Five second rule! FIVE SECOND RULE!"

Back from commercial, they are icing and cleaning the dropped kidney in desperation -- everyone but Mere, that is, who is forbidden from touching anything. Richard then comes in to holler, "Someone dropped a damn kidney!?"

Callie storms into the on-call room looking for Mark, who seems to have been napping. She basically demands that he listen to her, and he's pretty much a captive audience though he rolls over to face the other way, yelling, "Oh, for the love of God!" She tells him she likes to be good at things, but she also doesn't fail or quit. She wants to be good at this thing, and she needs Mark to show her what she needs to do. His ears perk up at the words, "Show me." She purrs, "Just because you didn't publish a big clinical trial doesn't mean you're not a genius. With that, Mark jumps off the bed and answers, "Fine. Take off your pants," as he pulls his top off to the delight of the entire female audience. She's surprised and relieved as she fumbles to get her scrubs off and he decides, "I'll show you the slow method. It's not in a medical journal, but it should [be]." And how.

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