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The OR is much less sexy than the on-call room. Everyone is staring at the dropped kidney, now clean and in the recipient's body. The problem is that it's grey, and not pinking up to show that it's happy in its new home. Bailey begs the little organ to pink up, while Mere looks terrified over her scrub mask and Richard glares at her. After a few tense moments, though, it turns nicely pink, and everyone in the room applauds.

After the surgery, while Mere moans about dropping an internal organ on the floor (Izzie: "It happens.") the other residents have made trading cards with their interns on them. While they are wheeling and dealing to see who is going to George, the Chief comes up with Bailey and observes a bit before demanding to know what they are doing. When they explain, Bailey chuckles and asks, "Oh, you think I got to choose my interns? And I picked you people because you're all such a surgical dream team?" To Alex: "You're lazy." To Izzie: "You're whiny." Hallelujah, it's finally been said! Naturally she looks disbelieving. To Mere, while shuddering: "Butterfingers over there... downright depressing." And to Christina, who smiles hopefully: "You're just annoying." While she laughs, Richard grabs the cards, pulls one from each resident's group, and hands them to George, declaring that he now has interns. There's no time for celebration, though, since Bailey gets a page that seems to be bad news.

It's Dixon, who is barely conscious while alarms blare, and Bailey calls out a lot of fancy medical orders. Dixon groggily asks for P.J.

In a quieter room, Lindsay declares to Cristina that Brian better be dead. Cristina mildly tells her that he's doing fine, but Lindsay can't believe it since he hasn't called her room or even asked for him. She mentions the last three years and wails, "I gave a kidney for him and he still hasn't made a choice!" Her face is screwed up and her defiant voice isn't doing a very good job covering up her desperation. Cristina tells her quietly, "He hasn't asked about you. Or called. I think he's made a choice." Lindsay wails that she gave a kidney for him, and then seems to let it all sink in; she starts to sob. Lexie watches her sadly.

Alex visit's P.J.'s room and P.J., charming as usual, demands to know the whereabouts of his dinner. With no preamble, Alex announces that Dixon had a seizure. P.J. calms down and asks what that means, not unconcerned, and Alex goes off. "It means he could be dying! And he doesn't know you give a crap!" Izzie comes in to furrow her brow and disapprove of Alex some more while he continues yelling. He tells P.J. that Dixon's been asking for him and that P.J. could be too late. Alex doesn't know if P.J. really cares, but if he does and he's too late then P.J. would have to then live with that for the rest of his life. Alex screams at him, asking if he really wants to live with that, while P.J. stares back.

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