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Lexie walks into the locker room to find George addressing his three new interns. He wants to see them an hour before pre-rounds in the morning, but they think it's too early, and tell him to lighten up before they saunter away. George, unassertive puppy dog that he is, just grins sheepishly when he sees Lexie and comments that his lab coat should say "Doctor" O'Malley on it. Lexie, though, just asks if he even asked for her. George is confused, so she has her own Lindsay-style meltdown. She helped him study, she decorated his locker... his face falls. "You don't even see it! You don't see anything!" Actually, I'm sure he sees a lot, Lexie, but just not you. Or even just not you in That Way. She concludes, "I am such an idiot. And you are a jerk. You didn't even think to ask for me? Screw you, Dr. O'Malley." With that she heads out, leaving him to wonder what even just happened. He may be kind of clueless, but I definitely don't think he is a jerk. He's just a dude, who doesn't have romantic feelings for Lexie.

Bailey is standing in front of the big kidney chart in the conference room and tells Richard that five of them are all stable but that Dixon has a ton of bad stuff going on. Richard tells her that the press is all over it (in a good way) and that she's going to be giving interviews tomorrow. "Make sure you wear your nice scrubs." Given that she wears the same color scrubs every day, I'm not sure which ones count as "nice" or not. Bailey's confused and asks if he even heard what she said about Dixon. He did, but he asserts that she saved five other lives. "That's a pretty good scorecard. Not perfect, but good." It's a little bit dismissive, but nevertheless it's true. He leaves, and she screws up her face and mulls this over.

She then wheels Mrs. Brian down the hall in a wheelchair, while Mrs. B argues that she doesn't want to see her husband. Bailey tells her that's not where they are going and instead she turns the chair into another one of the kidney recipients' rooms. The patient is surrounded by family and friends and when she sees them, cries out happily to tell everyone that this is the woman who gave her a kidney. The family starts applauding and all crowd around to shake Mrs. B's hand and give her hugs. An older couple -- presumable the patients' parents or grandparents -- don't speak English but touch Mrs. B's hand gently and nod. She beams back, surprised and touched. Bailey walks away but steals a look back, and seems to be at peace with the five lives she did save.

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