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Mere looks into another patient's room, presumably the one whose kidney she dropped. Richard joins her and she tells him that the woman is totally stable and that she's keeping an eye on her. He has her join him for a little field trip down the hall. They wind up looking through the window into Dixon's room, and Richard tells her that he is possibly dying, and that's with a perfectly good kidney that didn't get personal with the linoleum first. "There's only so much we can help. AND so much we can hurt. Forgive yourself." Second to him acting as proctor during George's exam, it's the most reasonable he's been so far this season, not just thinking about the hospital's reputation.

Inside, Dixon opens his eyes as Alex wheels P.J. into the room. Izzie snottily informs them that visiting hours are over, but Alex tells her it's okay. P.J. is anything but his defiant self -- he begins to cry when he sees his father. Dixon turns to see him as he starts to sob. Izzie, of course, looks put out to see that this relationship is actually going to turn out okay. P.J. grabs his dad's hand and Dixon smiles happily from under his oxygen mask.

George is in with Brian, who is noticeably lacking in happy loved ones. George reports that his urine output is up, which just makes Brian sad because that would have pleased his wife. Who is going to care about his urine output now? George just tells him that things are going to be a little bit different.

Later that night, Bailey is headed home when Derek catches up to her, and they congratulate each other on their achievements. Bailey tells him that it must feel good to have the article written about him but Derek whines, "It would feel better if Meredith wasn't so... you know. She's acting silly about the credit. She's getting emotional." These last two sentences are said with the undertone of a little kid stomping his foot. Bailey won't bite and instead tells him with exasperation, "That girl worked her ass off for you and you got ALL the credit." He pouts that he would have gotten all of the blame if they'd failed, too, but Bailey reminds him that he didn't. He's clearly ticked off that she's not just agreeing about Meredith's frivolous anger like he wanted her to. He says that it's simple, that he's an attending and she's a second year (oh, so we're in their second year now? Doesn't that mean all of their interns would have then taken the intern exam already? I know, I know, I need to not ask these questions) resident. Bailey adds, "Who you're now living with! That's not simple, it's messy. If it were me I'd start with 'thank you.'" He finally looks a wee bit chastised. Bailey adds, "You'd be surprised how far that one goes, especially with us silly, emotional women." She saunters off, while Derek takes a deep breath, having just been put firmly in his place.

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