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Mere and Cristina are sitting at the bar at Joe's, and Mere is filling Cristina in on Derek calling her a baby with a lot to learn. Cristina's indignant, but Mere actually sacks up and says that he was right about that. She reminds her friend that she dropped a kidney, and she can't just say "It happens," because it doesn't. Cristina yells at her to stop caring so much about what Derek thinks, because it makes her seem desperate. Mere throws back, "Okay to the one trolling for interns." But Cristina has changed her mind about that, since interns are weak and she needs a real man. "Burke was a man." Mere is surprised to hear Cristina finally mention her ex-fiancée's name, and orders them another round. Derek then walks in and hands Meredith a gift bag. Cristina rolls her eyes to the heavens and mimics, "Hi honey! I brought you roses, let me back in the house!" But she's struck dumb when Mere pulls out a diseased kidney in a jar. Mere is elated, Cristina is babbling with jealousy, and Joe is completely horrified and revolted. Mere thanks him and Derek actually sincerely tells her, "I couldn't have done it without you." There's no hint of condescension in his voice, so he did the right thing and took Bailey's advice to heart -- because honestly, he wouldn't even have thought to do the trial in the first place without Meredith. They kiss while Joe begs Mere to move the kidney (that Cristina is holding and staring at with longing) before they freak out the other customers. Mere asks Cristina if she will be okay, and then takes her kidney and leaves with Derek.

She then begins to wrap things up for the week. "The thing about choosing teams in real life, it's nothing like it used to be in gym class." Callie finds Erica alone and shuts the door behind her. VO: "Being first pick can be terrifying." Callie orders Erica to take off her pants, and Erica says with a bit of a sneer, "Excuse me?" Callie repeats the order and tells her girlfriend that they're trying this again, as she pulls off her shirt. Erica starts to seem interested.

Izzie walks in on Alex folding clothes in his room as Mere VOs: "And being chosen last isn't the worst thing in the world." Alex demands, "What?" And Izzie, in a tone that says she's not really happy about the situation, informs him, "I care about you. I care about you, and I'm not going to go crazy, and I'm not going to try to kill myself, and I'm not going to stop caring about you no matter how hard you push me away." He tells her to shut up and get out, but she won't and repeats that she cares about him, adding that it's not too late for the two of them. He tries to banish her again, but she walks towards him, repeating that she cares about him, until he shuts her up with a kiss. I would have been so happy about this a season or two ago if they hadn't made Izzie such a hateable moron in the meantime.

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