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VO: "So we watch from the sidelines, clinging to our isolation." Mere has her kidney on the bedside table, and exclaims when she turns out the lights that it glows! Derek beams at her. No, but seriously, how on earth does the kidney glow? I really want to know this. Mere doesn't seem as curious and tells Derek that when Ellis was a resident she wasn't dropping kidneys. I feel like that's a comment that could come from anywhere, but Derek realizes it means that Mere is reading her mom's diary. Mere tells him, "I'm not half the surgeon my mother was." He just kisses her shoulder in response as she stares into the distance, the kidney glowing happily in its jar.

Mere wraps up: "Because we know, as soon as we let go of the bench..." Joe is surprised that Cristina is leaving already but she tells him decisively that there are no real men left in the world and turns to head out. She's stopped, however, by a familiar voice ordering a beer and a whiskey at the bar. She turns around as the man cancels the whiskey, since he's starting a new job tomorrow. None other than Hot Major Hunt stands at the bar, and though he doesn't see her, she has an interested hint of a smile on her face." Mere finishes: "Someone comes along and changes the game completely." I am so happy he's back, both because he's hot and because this show needed a new doctor to arrive and change the game, if not completely, at least somewhat. And while we're waiting to see just how he does that, I'll spend my time trying to figure out how on earth the kidney glowed, and why Mere didn't seem the least bit disturbed by or curious about it.

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