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The Chief is much happier than Meredith about the Shepherd method, mainly because it's going to bring some desperately needed good publicity to the hospital. He's talking about it to Bailey and mentions he heard that she found her last donor. She tells him that she has, which means the last piece of the puzzle is in place. He's even more pleased, since whatever the puzzle it sounds like it's also going to help the reputation of Seattle Grace. He refers to her "flashy surgery" and reminds us of his inferiority complex from Mercy West, who he doesn't see taking on a surgery of this magnitude. Bailey cautiously tells him she'd rather not celebrate until it's over, but once he leaves, secretly squeals a little to herself and tells Mercy West to "eat that!" under her breath.

Callie finds Mark in an on-call room and flops down to talk to him, clearly vexed. He's distracted by the article about Shepherd and wonders aloud if the photos were airbrushed. "The man does not have any damn pores!" She pulls the magazine away to get his attention and confirms what we all figured -- that She and Erica finally went South of the Border the night before. But there's no cause for celebration, as Callie admits that she had a hard time with it, and that it just felt too weird and clinical. Mark gets up and heads to the door as she's speaking, sensitive soul that he is. Callie admits she ran out of the apartment before Erica woke up and then notices that Mark is getting ready to leave; he tells her he can't talk about it. She insists he loves this kind of talk but he clarifies that he loves to talk about women loving girl-on-girl action, and that one woman talking about how horrible it was is just depressing and wrong. Mark is so one-dimensional yet still one of my favorite characters on the whole show. I think that's a comment on both my maturity level and how annoying some of the others are even though they've supposedly changed.

Mere, Alex, Cristina and Izzie are in the residents' locker room expositing nicely that they each (except Mere, who already lost an intern in George) have to give an intern to George now that he's a resident. For all of her bitching, Cristina thinks it's wrong and has to be reminded by Alex that it's a way to lose some dead weight. Lexie then walks in with a bunch of balloons and a basket of stuff which is to decorate George's locker while he fills out paperwork. Lexie really should have a better storyline than following George around like a puppy dog, it makes her into dead weight on this show. They all watch and make faces as Lexie puts up a "Congratulations, George!" sign on his locker -- all except Mere, that is, who is reading Derek's article and working herself into a state because she's not mentioned at all despite being the one who had the idea and had to talk him into doing the trial in the first place. Cristina's wise comment is, "You screw the attendings, you get screwed. They have all the power." Without thinking, Lexie chimes in, "You can screw interns!" Seriously, how pathetic are they going to make her? For someone who is supposed to be bright and have a genius photographic memory, she's as pathetic as a lost puppy in the kennel that no one wants to adopt. Instead of catching herself, though, she babbles a correction that you can "date" interns, and that interns hardly ever file sexual harassment claims because they feel so insignificant and powerless. This is also missing the point, much like the earlier sports analogy, because as dumb as Lexie is, I know she means that she wants to be dated, and not that she wants to be sexually harassed. Good grief. They all chuckle at the spectacle and Alex comments, "Interns. The other white meat." But because she lives for being a doormat, Lexie remains to keep decorating.

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