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Hahn finds Callie who tries to be vague and act busy. Hahn seems to buy her lame excuses and quickly says what she wanted -- she thought that if Callie was free, she could come over to Hahn's, order in dinner, and watch a movie. It is good to see that the kids are still using the old classic, "watching a movie" excuse. Callie is surprised so Hahn tells her in a low voice that she had a lot of fun the night before, with the same dopey smile on her face that she has any time Callie says anything, good, bad, or neutral. Case in point -- the smile stays put as Callie's eyes widen like a deer caught in headlights as she repeats incredulously, "Fun!" No matter how deluded you are and how much you want to think your relationship is perfect, anyone anywhere ever in the history of relationships knows that look and tone means something is not right. But Hahn smiles dopily and says to let her know.

Cristina tells her interns that one of them is going to George, and before she can say who Lexie jumps in to yell, "Me!" She officially has no dignity left. Cristina says she'll be the one to decide, and that she's going to send the person who sucks the most, adding that they can't then suck on purpose.

George, meanwhile, is hanging with Mere and his former fellow interns. They're taking care of Stan, whose wife is talking to him softly and trying to cater to his every need while not actually letting him have any water. He tells them, not unkindly but also not thrilled, that she loves tracking his water retention. It's all a way to show us her devotion and their happy marriage that totally not at all has any cracks in it at all. George starts an IV of sorts and then asks one of the interns for tape. And while we've had the benefit of seeing George work at being a doctor for a long time, his former fellow interns haven't, and they chuckle and one comments, "He sounds just like a real doctor!" So it's not really going to matter at all what interns he gets, because they're all going to totally not respect him anyway.

Cristina, Lexie, and the other three numbered interns are looking after Lindsay. Lexie notices that she doesn't have a loved one in the procedure and starts to fawn all over her for doing such a good thing. Lindsay gets increasingly uncomfortable and keeps trying to brush her off, but the more uncomfortable she gets, the more Lexie insists that it's an amazing thing that she's doing. Cristina finally cuts in and stops her, and Lindsay adds, "I'm sick of all the, 'Yay you.'" Cristina tells her she totally understands, but Lexie still gazes at Lindsay with wonderment.

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