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Mere is waiting for the elevator when Derek joins her and tells her about all the press he's doing, adding that his face hurts from smiling too much. He better be careful or some pores might appear! He pushes the elevator button and Meredith tells him testily that she already pushed it. He replies that it comes faster when he pushes it, still joking and not noticing the bite in Mere's tone when she answers, "Oh! Must be that Shepherd Method!" Bailey is walking by and stops to observe. Mere tells Derek she's taking the stairs and only then does he realize she's upset, and he has the gall to sound incredulous about it as he asks if it bothers her. She snarks back that they couldn't call it the Shepherd-Grey Method, "Because then people would think you had help!" She storms away and he stares after her with his familiar stony face that says, "Everything would just be okay if she'd shut up and know I'm right about anything and everything, doesn't she know who I am?"

Isn't it convenient that Alex and Izzie got Dixon and his son as their patients? Because this way they can work -- "work" -- together and make an inappropriate spectacle of themselves while fighting like little children! I was thinking I hadn't seen enough of that already, so I'm really glad this gives me another hour to bask in the good times. P.J. is sullen and kind of a little bitch about everything, while Dixon overcompensates and tries to make nice. Izzie asks Dixon about his four-times-a-week dialysis and he explains that his kidneys are basically shot, and that he's super lucky to have a son that would do this for him. P.J. interjects to remind him, "You're lucky you're loaded." Then he asks if he's getting the $10,000 before or after the surgery? Alex and Izzie share a worried look but Dixon just sadly smiles and explains that it's a Christmas gift. Never one to contain his emotions until it is an appropriate time to vent them, Alex snarks that it's only October.

They go and find Bailey, who is in the conference room studying charts and information for the surgery. They hover in the doorway, which she calls them out on, and finally Izzie asks what would happen if, hypothetically, a father was paying his son for a kidney. And seriously, Bailey's awesomeness knows no bounds. She answers pointedly, "Well, as someone who stole an organ herself not that long ago, you should know what would happen is, your patient would be out of the exchange." Alex and Izzie look at each other and Bailey gets up to point to the Flow Chart O'Kidneys behind her and explain that once Brian wasn't getting a kidney, his wife would drop out, so then her recipient's loved one would drop out, and so on until no one was giving or getting kidneys today. Bailey remains just on this side of yelling as she tells them that they better be really sure that the bribery is taking place given the havoc it would cause. Alex tells her that it's just a gift, and the two flee.

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