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Brian and his wife are chatting with Lindsay, and Mrs. Brian is gushing about how amazing Lindsay is for doing such a thing as donating a kidney to a stranger for no reason. Lindsay brushes it off but Mrs. Brian goes on to say that while she isn't giving it directly to Brian, Lindsay's participating in this surgery is helping save her husband's life and how thankful she is. Lindsay is getting visibly more tense as she goes on, and Brian has started to sweat. I'm completely sure these two things are unrelated. While Lindsay smiles tightly, Brian sends his wife for a washcloth.

She walks out of the room past Mere and Cristina, and Mere is bitching about how her mother invented a procedure all by herself. Cristina points out that she might want to stop reading Ellis' journal if it's going to make her feel inadequate, but Mere is deep in Mere-land, where she can't hear anything but her own droning voice. She gripes that even though her mom is dead, she's still amazing. Cristina, knowing nothing she says will be heard, is now ignoring Meredith herself and asks Mere if she knows if a particular cute intern is "clean." Mere is kind of grossed out when she realizes that Cristina is thinking of sleeping with him. Cristina just defends that Lexie had a point that morning, and she'd just be scratching an itch, after all. "It's been a long time!" she hisses. Been there, girlfriend. And I don't have a menu of interns to choose from.

Cristina doesn't find out if he's clean, though, since she's interrupted when Lindsay starts yelling that she can't take it anymore. She's screaming at Brian about how she can't take any more compliments about how wonderful and selfless she is, "Especially not from her." On "her," Lindsay gestures to where Mrs. Brian just was. Brian tries to quiet her but he's practically doubled over in pain and therefore rather ineffective. Lindsay just keeps yelling at him that he promised he'd tell her, and that if the past three years meant anything to him, he'd tell her. If you're surprised that Mrs. Brian arrived at that moment to hear everything, you've never seen a television drama before. She's absolutely horrified.

Back in his room, Brian is a captive audience for his wife's anger. She admits she knew he was seeing other women but that she thought it was just sex. And while that's a horrible thing to do, she's Queen of the Doormats to admit she was just going to keep taking it. Queen Martyr of Doormatia, even. Apparently her line is a woman giving a kidney for her husband, since internal organs mean more than just sex. Hahn has been examining Brian during the tirade and announces that all he had was an acute anxiety attack, and that she can clear him for surgery. Mrs. Brian goes on crying about how she gave up her own life to do everything for her husband, but he interrupts to shoot back that he never asked her to do any of it, that he can drive and pour his own juice. "I got sick, not elderly!" That said, Mrs. Brian then tells him that she'll never do anything for him again, including giving her kidney. At the end of the bed, Bailey whispers urgently to Mere to get on UNOS and see if they can find another matching kidney. It's a long shot, but the only shot they have.

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