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Bailey's trying to maintain control amongst the domino participants, who clearly have heard that Mrs. Brian pulled out. Everyone is yelling at her simultaneously, and the general theme is that if their loved one isn't getting a kidney, they aren't giving a kidney. Bailey manages to quiet them and assures them she's doing all she can to make sure they all get kidneys today, and she'll keep them posted. As they file out, Richard comes in and glares; before he can say anything she promises that she has it under control. He reminds her that they're being featured on the national news, and orders her, "Fix this." "Yes sir!" she answers. I know now isn't really the time, but Richard is so concerned about the reputation of the hospital that he's really been ridiculous in how he handles everything going on under his (maybe finally fully intact) roof, and I feel like someone might need to point that out to him. I like him a lot, but he's been going overboard with only caring about the hospital's reputation this season.

P.J. is pissed, not that his dad might not get a kidney, but that he might have been poked and prodded for nothing. Dixon tries to tell him that they were able to spend time together, so it wasn't nothing, but P.J. informs him he's about 20 years too late in wanting to spend time with his son. He then asks if he's still getting the money if there is no surgery, because if not he's going to leave. Dixon pleads with him to stay and be patient, that he needs him. Alex and Izzie have been watching the exchange like a tennis match and Izzie storms out of the room, and indignant little Nosy Parker.

She's stormed into the stairwell where she can pace and have a fit about a situation for which she doesn't have all the details. Alex, more gentle than he's been since the first half of the season premiere, muses that Dixon must have done something really bad to make P.J. so angry. But Izzie's so wrapped up in her own self-righteousness that instead of taking into consideration the words of someone who clearly had a horrible father, she says that maybe Dixon cares about him, "But the moron's too emotionally stunted to let him." Alex is pissed, not without reason, since it is getting personal now. He chuckles grimly, gathers himself, and then tells her that this is her problem, getting too wrapped up and caring about the patients. He thinks Dixon is the moron because the son will never give him what he wants, and he'll only be disappointed. The sooner he realizes that, the sooner Izzie might get it too. He stops, but she icily tells him to go on. If we thought she was self-righteous before, we hadn't seen anything. "No, go on, please. Be a selfish ass. Because at least then I know what to expect. Because this being a decent guy one second and a total jerk the next -- it's getting really old, Alex. So who's it gonna be? Pick one." Alex picks to leave the stairwell. Yes, he's been a complete asshole this season for a totally dumb reason. But since when is that new? And why can't Izzie get off her high horse long enough to find just a tiny bit of perspective with both her personal relationships and her patients? She could at least hold off on the judgment until she has the whole story -- and this so soon after being reminded of her own selfish, irresponsible, and completely dangerous organ stealing incident. It's kind of gross.

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