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This week starts off a little differently -- there's no voiceover, and man, did I not realize how tired I am of the voiceovers until we mercifully didn't have to listen to one. Instead we hear a radio announce that a car hit a motorcyclist who is being brought in unresponsive with head trauma. A nurse is listening and the expression on her face is kind of priceless -- I think she's supposed to be concentrating but she looks almost scared of the radio. Isn't this what happens many times a day at a hospital? We're treated to really shaky hand-held camera work and then a chyron introduces Dr. Hunt, Trauma Surgeon. Mere and Cristina are also introduced and Mere explains that they are on trauma rotation, they assess patients as they come in... all this stuff we all know since we've been watching this show for seven seasons now. From the hallway the camera films them at work on the patient in an exam room, and his face his blurred but we're still treated to what amounts to his brain leaking out of his head. Cristina is still very timid but trying not to show that on camera, so she explains that in all the chaos, sometimes the best thing is to know when to just get out of the way.

Derek watches from the hall as he gets his own introductory chyron and he explains that once they stabilize the guy he'll go in to assess the damage. Honestly, anyone can probably see that there's not much to assess at this point -- I think even my cats could tell that there's not much to be done when half his brain is on the floor, as Cristina delicately puts it. Owen says he's brain dead and Derek excuses himself to go in and ask if he's a donor.

After the donor has been patched up as best they can and moved to his own room, Mark joins the other two docs and they go over his blood type, skin type, age, size and gender, and announce, "We got our guy!" all excited like little boys the day a new Call of Duty game is released. Mark tells the cameraman that they picked a good night to start filming, and that this will be fun. Well, fun for everyone other than Ol' Leaky Brain, I'd say.

It will be far more fun for a guy named Zack, who is getting settled in to his own hospital room with his wife Nora (played by the always awesome Amanda Foreman). Nothing appears to be wrong with Zack but the camera is keeping a very obviously purposeful tight shot. Nora ties on his gown and they cheer for Transplant Day, and then as the camera pulls back Zack announces, "Gonna get me some arms!" and we see that both of his have been amputated above the elbow.

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