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Arizona and Alex are looking at the test results, and they are basically about as bad as can be. We soon see that Arizona is telling Lily's mom Gretchen what is going on, that she has stuff from the previous surgeries that make removing this tumor hard, but yet the tumor is blocking her airway. There's another purposeful gut-wrenching shot of Lily and her breathing tubes from afar as Arizona says that they would have to remove Lily's entire trachea and then she wouldn't be able to breathe.

Alex has finally come up with something that he got out of the shooting, other than a scar that helps him get laid. He says that since he should have died from being shot point blank, but he didn't; now he feels like there is always something they can do.

Cut back to Gretchen, who realizes that Arizona has just told her that Lily will either die if they operate or die if they don't. Thank goodness for the documentary that she's tiny, petite, and has perfect tears running down her cheeks as she learns this because it's so much better for TV than if she was an ugly crier.

The first part of the arm surgery is underway and Callie is tagging all of the veins and arteries with different colors so that they know how to hook them up to Zack later, much like one would hook up a television. If you don't get it right, you get picture and no sound, or vice versa. She works away and then finally gets her hands on the desired bone saw. As soon as she's done and the arms are on ice Owen announces, "Arms are off and on the move." Someone wheels them into the next room -- these are obviously more important than your run-of-the-mill kidney because they do get placed on a rolling cart rather than in the hands of a nervous intern to go to their next destination. In the next OR, Derek is waiting and is all extra-super McDreamily businesslike and commanding for the TV cameras and tells everyone, "Let's get started."

Outside, Lexie is having another argument with security since they won't let her in with her faulty ID badge, and we get an artsy shot of the proceedings as taped by one of the security cameras. The date is 9-13-10, so it's not so much "several" months after the shooting as four, which I personally only define as a "few." Lexie is bringing coffee for Sloan but again the guys won't let her in, and they aren't swayed by her whiny argument that she has to get this to the guy performing an important surgery, so she can witness medical history. Wouldn't it be a better argument if she was saying Mark needed to make medical history and didn't focus on her being able to watch? As the two guards dither and inspect her badge, she just decides to sprint through, which sets off the alarm system yet again.

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