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Jackson had been transporting a patient but because of the nifty lockdown feature, he gets trapped in a hallway between two sets of doors and wastes no time in starting to have a complete meltdown. He pulls at the doors until someone yells at him to turn back to his patient, who is struggling to breathe. There's a lot of extra shaky camera work to prove just how bad and urgent this situation really is, and Jackson starts doing chest compressions as he hyperventilates.

It seems the one smart thing with the security system is that the alarms don't blare inside the ORs, so the arm teams are just working away. Could you imagine if that had locked down one OR from another and the arms had gotten stuck in the wrong one? April tells us that they are nine hours in and everyone works away -- when one arm spasms everyone laughs like it's the funniest trick in the world and all of the docs who are just watching continue to take pictures. Callie stretches her neck just so we really can appreciate how long nine hours is.

Derek is asked if getting shot changed him, and he uses a whole lot of words to say that he's now grateful to be there. With his legs crossed and his knee in his hands, he's very, very sincere as he says he feels lucky. Honestly, why does everything that he does feel like it's just a big show?

In the OR, it's finally time to release the tourniquets, to see if blood flows into Zack's new arms. Everyone watches with baited breath, and when the arm suddenly turns a healthy pink everyone applauds.

Back with Gretchen in the waiting room, she's a little more composed and tells her and Lily's sad story: it's just the two of them, and they've been coming to Seattle Grace for the last three years since she was diagnosed. She is one of the hardworking moms Alex was talking about at the beginning, and they live three hours away (this episode brought to you by the number 3!) Much like the shot of Nicole fiddling with her sweater, they do a close-up of Gretchen rubbing her nails with worry. Hey, guys? We get it, they're distressed. But Arizona came to Gretchen and told her there was something experimental that they could try, and Gretchen tells the camera that's why you come to a hospital like this even if it is a long commute.

Arizona's experimental idea is explained through the Chief and Richard as they all operate on Lily -- they put in a stint so she can breathe for now, and then Arizona uses a pick and hammer to take a piece of her 12th rib so that they can harvest the cartilage. How come she doesn't get to use Callie's cool bone saw? This looks positively prehistoric. Regardless, they are going to use the cartilage to make a mixture of Lily's own cells. Richard butts in to remind everyone of how fantastic an example this is of the doctors coming back better than ever after the shooting. Seriously, Richard, stop treating it like a commercial. He holds up something that looks like a bloody wad of chewed gum and commends the "cutting edge regenerative medicine" that is going on as they use the cells to grow Lily a new trachea in the lab that will replace her old, tumored one. The funny thing is that the Chief congratulates Arizona and they all act like it was her idea, but wasn't Alex the one who seemed to be searching for an option for Lily that wasn't just "death?" He doesn't seem too worried about it, though, so we'll let that be.

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