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Poor Avery is still trapped in the hallway; when Teddy runs up she finally gets her own introductory chyron as she pulls on the doors and calls encouragement to Avery. Unfortunately, her resident is beyond sanity and his compressions are starting to resemble some horrible wrestling move as he keeps shoving his hands into the poor patient's chest. He doesn't stop even when Teddy warns him that he might break a rib, and just yells back that he's not kidding about needing to get out of there. So maybe we're also going to have an episode about Avery's secret claustrophobia at some point, too?

Outside at the coffee cart (I know these guys drink a lot of coffee but holy moly, the beverage has been an actual featured guest star of today's episode) Teddy tells the camera how much she doesn't like the new system -- presumably this is after the situation with Avery has ended. We then flash back to her yelling at one of the security guards that he needs to override the system now or she'll report him for wrongful death when this poor unlucky dude trapped with Avery finally gives up the good fight. The siren finally, mercifully stops and the doors open so Teddy can rush in and take over, but it takes her a while to get in there since Avery seems incapable of stopping. Later, we see him shuffling down the hall and then kick a cart over in anger, with some low, dramatic music to underscore just how bad off he is. In an interview he admits it's been hard since the shooting, and that he lost some friends.

Nora is curled up on a sofa in the waiting area, covered with a blanket, and she's more subdued that we've seen her now that she has to just wait. She explains what it's been like, and how difficult life is when you just have hooks instead of hands -- Zack can't button a button, so she now buys him t-shirts and hoodies, and she had to learn how to brush his teeth and shave his face as well. She jokes about how long it took her to learn, and how it's all in the wrist, but it lacks the bravado of her earlier joking and she admits that she thought she would have an update by now, clearly worried of what the lack of update might mean.

We pick up the action in the OR as Mark is trying to talk to Callie about Arizona's move, suggesting it's not a big deal and that they can just visit each other. For the first time in possibly ever, Callie puts the kibosh on personal talk during a surgery, though obviously it's just because of the cameras. Really, though, we've already seen them fighting so why stop now? The focus is brought back to Zack when something happens to the blood flow in his Nicole arm, and Callie realizes that the problem is that there is picture and no sound; she runs over and shoves them out of the way so that she can try to fix it.

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