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Nora finally gets her update, but unfortunately it's a patented, Seattle Grace, "I don't want to say it so I'm going to shuffle around and make you really nervous until I can spit it out" delivery. And ultimately, Lexie doesn't actually have much concrete news -- she says that there was a complication and that they are trying to fix it, but... Nora has to guess that she means he might lose one of the arms. Trying to keep herself together, she finally points out that one is better than none, right?

Inside the OR, Callie is working away while all of the others ask her if she needs help and shoot her advice; finally she yells at everyone to shut up since she knows what she's doing. She fiddles around with everything, going by her color-coded system, while everyone else watches with nervous faces. Finally, after a moment, the Nicole tattoo is backed by nice pink skin rather than deathly grey stuff.

Alex is working in the lab while Richard looks over his shoulder, so he can continue to babble to the cameras about how amazing the hospital is, and how while most places would let this shooting set them back, Seattle Grace is moving forward, and people like Arizona and Alex are reinvested in medicine. To be fair, though, what Alex is doing is really quite cool -- he explains how they broke down the cartilage to a protein liquid, built a scaffold out of cotton, and then put it all in an incubator to start growing the new trachea. As the Chief pontificates about how awesome this is, Alex looks both like he's incredibly amused and not taking it too seriously, yet he's also proud of what he's doing.

It's now Bailey's turn to operate, and she explains to the camera what she's doing as we're treated to shots of some of Mary's intestine. But she's just about done, and tells the camera happily that it was a textbook surgery that went perfectly. I know that supposedly she's done at this point, but I was still nervous at her saying how well it turned out -- much like how I was still nervous after they got out the Chilean miners because no one seemed too concerned about the six rescuers that still needed to be taken back out of the mine. Don't jinx these things, people!

She then goes out and gives Bill the good news, and he's incredibly shaken up as he asks her if it's over. Happily, she assures him that it is, and gives him a big hug. He is so worked up that once she lets him go he grabs her again and cries as he gives her another bear hug. Bailey has had a weight lifted by finishing this particular surgery, and afterward she is almost giddy and suggests she might even go get a drink. She clearly cut out some of her own demons in there.

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