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The arm transplant team had the same idea, and they are drinking at Joe's and toasting each other for a job well done. Callie mocks them some more for the "titan" comment (which is well deserved) while Mark laughs that Callie was successful at getting the veins hooked up right, since she hooked up his TV and he still only has sound coming out of one speaker. She laughs at this, though -- they are all completely punchy after nearly a full day spent in an OR.

Since Alex is going to have to irrigate the baby trachea with the protein liquid a few times a day for the next few weeks, he explains that he'll basically be living in the hospital. We see him getting some potato chips, brushing his teeth, and sleeping... on a parent cot in Lily's bedroom. It's completely endearing, and though he interviews that the next month is all about the trachea, the shot of him sleeping in her room shows yet again that he's actually a big softie.

Cristina and Mere are back on the hot seat and Cristina is asked if people treat her differently now. She thinks a moment and looks to Mere before pointing out that yes, they are here filming her, aren't they? But though she tries to be flip, it's weighing on her, and she launches into a long explanation of how she isn't a hero, that she just did what she had to. She thinks that people need heroes when something horrible happens, but insists she has no super surgical powers. Mere is troubled listening to all this and takes her hand, cutting her off by telling the camera gently but firmly that Cristina really is a hero, especially to her. Cristina has a visibly hard time listening to this, and bites her lip with a very serious face as Mere insists that most surgeons couldn't have done what Cristina did the day of the shooting. But when she starts to go on, Cristina shuts her down, and after Mere opens her mouth once more Cristina totally snaps at her to stop, causing Mere to pull her own hand back. After some moments just sitting there, with Cristina staring at her lap Mere asks if they can cut, so we go to a commercial.

When we return, it's four weeks later, and we see a crew taking down all of the security cameras. Richard tells them it's just some construction and the hospital is always evolving, but in this case it's devolving -- a card says that by the end of the week, the state-of-the-art-security system was totally removed.

Zack and Nora are at home, and he's totally proud to show off his new arms, which are in slings. Nora pinches him to show how he's even already got feeling at the tops of the arms -- the two of them are positively giddy as Zack flaps his arms like a bird to show the movement. A card on-screen tells us that before he even had all his feeling back, he decided to get a tattoo under the name Nicole that read, "Thank you." You got me again, Grey's, I totally got all misty at that. Or should I say, you totally got me, Seattle Medical?

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