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Four weeks on, the scar on Lily's neck is barely visible, which she is happy to show off. She's back to get her new trachea sewn into her abdomen and is super cute and proud that Alex calls her a "human incubator." She then pulls up her phone and shows off the pictures Alex has been sending her of the trachea as it's grown. She announces that while she always figured she'd be a rock star, she now would also consider being a doctor, since Alex is "pretty cool."

Pretty cool Alex then shows off the actual trachea in the lab, which certainly has grown. He then goes to Alex's room and gets her ready for surgery, and as he does he warns her not to screw up "his trachea" -- no mosh pits, crowd surfing, etc. She giggles as he continues his list and it ends with his warning not to give her number to boys she doesn't know, and she reminds him that she's nine. She clearly adores him, and surgery aside, is probably going to remember him for the rest of her life as her first crush. As we see him wheeling her into the OR a card tells us that when she went back to school, she was asked to share the best part of her experience with her 4th grade class. "Lily brought Dr. Karev."

The cameras get to take a field trip to Callie and Arizona's apartment, where they are happily packing as the African move is imminent. Callie explains happily that they did work things out by finding a very simple solution -- she's going to go to Africa too. A card on-screen says that they gave notice the next day. These cards are basically like this week's text version of a voiceover. Textover? Also: WTF? I wondered if I had missed some major casting news for the show but then remembered that Jessica Capshaw is pregnant, so I'm going to assume this is part of her maternity leave. It also probably explains why these have had such shallow storylines thus far -- this way, it was easy to write them out rather than having to wrap up something actually big and involved.

One person we didn't expect to see (although I had that nagging feeling of dread) is Bill, who walks in with a huge bouquet of flowers and puts them in Mary's room and tells her not to ask what they are, because he doesn't know. The camera then pans over and we see Mary hooked up to life support. Noooo! We cut to Bailey, who explains that it's rare but sometimes patients don't wake up from surgery -- it's always a risk. I hate when TV does things I hate to characters I like! The doctors tried everything they could but Mary never woke up and now her organs are starting to fail; the best-case scenario is that she would wake up extremely mentally and physically impaired. Well, at least they went on all of those trips. Bailey starts to say the chances of that happening are small but she can't even finish the sentence, and fortunately the camera leaves her alone after just a short moment of lingering on her grief. The Chief is Captain Obvious as he says it's hard to see someone survive being trapped there with a gunman and then not make it through a simple surgery.

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