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Bailey then has to go talk to Bill since it's Decision Time. It feels horribly voyeuristic to watch through the window as Bailey says something and Bill breaks down. The textover says that three days later, Bill decided to take Mary off of life support. Bailey is also trying to control her emotions, and the textover adds that she declined a follow-up interview.

Finally, Cristina sits down for another interview, this time by herself. She sums up that they went through the scariest thing a person can go through, and survived. We see Derek walking down the hall, and the girls laughing and packing as Cristina continues that every day is a gift, and they are all blessed to be there saving lives every day. But while the filmmakers might think she's sincere, her voice is totally Stepford Cristina and we know she's just rehearsed that to death. Owen and Mark are still in high spirits while Richard surveys his domain from the catwalk. But poor Bailey just holds a hand over her face while she rocks and cries. As Joe R just said to me: "Stop making Bailey cry!" I mean come on, she was finally actually happy again! Stepford Cristina continues that they are healed so that they can continue healing others, but we all know this is just pure fiction in her case. We see Alex talking to Lily's class, and then focus back on Cristina for one last question; the interviewer asks if there's any one thing she'll take away from all this. It sounds like she's finally accepted that she's a hero, but she answers, "Being a hero has its price."

Watch the episode below, discuss it in our forums, then see what we think are the most annoying Grey's storylines.

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