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Some dramatic-yet-somehow-unremarkable music starts up (with the first couple of notes sounding suspiciously close to the ER opening) and a voice introduces us to Seattle Grace Mercy West as we see shots of doctors and nurses working. The voice explains about the gunman of a few months before as they show news footage from the day and concludes, "Today we visit the survivors. Their patients, their triumphs, and their disappointments. This... is Seattle Medical: Road to Recovery. It's hilariously over-the-top and unsubtle but let's face it, it's the kind of show we have all gotten sucked into in real life.

The Chief is talking to the camera like he's hosting an infomercial for the hospital, and he proudly explains the new security measures that have been implemented which include metal detectors, security guards, ID badges to get everywhere, and video cameras. Of course, we've not seen any of this at all leading up to this episode, but hey, sure -- new security measures! Of course! There's a ruckus at the door and Lexie yells at the Chief for help since her badge isn't working, and it seems like this isn't the first time that security has not let her inside.

Cristina and Meredith are doing an interview together and it must be said yet again that Meredith looks amazing this season -- she's put on a bit of makeup for the camera and between that and the fact that she's not returned to her pre-baby Skeletor frame, she looks absolutely gorgeous. They're explaining how close they are, and how it's hard to work that closely without becoming good friends. They aren't very good at discussing all of this with straight faces, and Cristina actually chuckles -- I didn't realize how long it had been since we'd heard a genuine, snarky laugh from her. She seems almost normal right now, rather than a haunted shell of herself. Also, the interview itself is a testament to how close they are since no one else had an interview buddy unless it was something done on-the-fly regarding a particular surgery.

We see them working as a card on-screen tells us that Cristina performed surgery on a colleague at gunpoint during the surgery. The next shot is a close-up of Meredith and a new card reads, "The colleague was Dr. Grey's husband." Since we already know all this and these people and what their normal days are like, it's horribly obvious how the statement was drawn out for maximum drama. Cristina continues in their interview that sure, the shooting brought them closer together but they were already close -- they can ask anyone.

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