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So they ask Derek, who chooses to tell the world that they have sleepovers sometimes in his bed, when he's there. Seriously, would you actually say that on TV? Especially when most normal-thinking people would take this to mean you have some kinky practices going on since no one else would be able to learn and understand the girls' special relationship in the span of an hour documentary? But the cameras do show them working together some more; Cristina is totally timid when given a scalpel and Meredith smoothly trades places with her so that she doesn't have to actually do any cutting.

Alex is still working in pediatrics, and he tells the camera that he's been there since 7 AM and explains how the interns help out. He's drowned out by the dulcet tones of Justin Beiber pouring out of one of the rooms, and Alex sticks his head in and tells Lily to turn it down. "The rest of us don't have Bieber fever." Thank goodness for that. The girl manages to scowl at him even as she's doing a breathing treatment. He's asked how he changed during the shooting and he just shrugs, but then pulls up his shirt to show off the scar on his chest. See, Alex, I'm sure you'll get just as much tail that way as if you'd let the bullet in, but now without the unfortunate side effects of possible infection, or the pain of a lady friend possibly pressing against it during your extracurricular activities.

It's not just doctors that the cameras are following -- Mandy "Mary" Moore is coming back for the colostomy reversal that she was supposed to have the day of the shooting. She and her husband are all super cute and totally in love, and if this gives you a sense of foreboding, then you have watched TV before. She and her husband Bill walk up to the hospital and Mary is obviously tentative about the whole thing. Once inside, Bailey sees them checking in and waves; Mary runs to her and they have a huge long hug as a card reminds us that they were trapped together during the shooting and this is the first time they have seen each other since. I always knew Bailey was short but Mary positively towers over her, almost like she's a different species. And I know that Mandy Moore is about 5'9" or 5'10" as I once was standing in line behind her for coffee. (She's also crazy gorgeous in real life, in case anyone was wondering.) Bailey has a reputation to maintain so she clarifies with the interviewer that she doesn't make it a habit to hug her patients like that.

Arizona, meanwhile, sprints down the hall as a camera shakily follows her and she yells that you never walk in peds. I would hope that you would never walk in any department if there is a code blue like she's got right now. Justin-Bieber-loving Lily's airway is blocked and Alex can't get a tube down her throat. Dramatic music starts up to underline the seriousness of the situation and an on-screen card says that if her airway isn't opened in two minutes, she'll die. But since most people won't actually show children die on-camera, we can guess that that probably won't happen. Alex has the idea to do some kind of trach and Arizona seems unsure but has him go for it, and he cuts into Lily's throat and sticks something in to open her airway. I imagine this is the same thing that people seem to do with pens all the time in TV and movies when someone stops breathing at, like, a bus stop.

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