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Callie, Mark, Derek and Owen are all of the docs who will be transplanting the arms and they gather around a computer trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Over these shots Mark explains how he and Derek grew up together. Aw come on, Mark -- Derek mentioned Meredith's and Cristina's sleepovers, so why not also overshare that you slept with Derek's first wife? Mark's all jokey until he says what it was like when he heard Derek was shot, and he tells them that he finally learned what it was like for all of the families they give bad news to every day. As he was furrowing his brow with worry, I noticed for the first time just how salt-and-pepper his hair has gotten but goodness, does it suit him.

As the boys talk about the order in which to attach all the various arm components Callie listens and adds her two cents, already a bit fed up by them and their attitudes. She explains that the surgery will take 15-20 hours in two different ORs with five teams of surgeons -- one for each arm and one extra to take veins from one leg.

We see more of the discussion in front of the computer and the guys explain how there's only ever been one other successful double-arm transplant. The display of ego is kind of stunning, especially when they actually refer to themselves as "medical titans." While they laugh when they say it, they are obviously totally convinced that they really are titans and Callie can't roll her eyes hard enough. Once she's out of there and working on the donor's body, taking blood and whatnot, she explains what she's doing and comments, "I mean, I'm no medical titan, but still... it's pretty damn cool." She is also happy and proud, but she's not preening about, patting herself on the back like the guys are doing.

Zack's wife tells the camera that Zack was a logger, who lost his arms in an accident at work. I suppose there is no way one could lose one's arms that isn't totally horrible, but still: OMG. I just hugged my own arms to myself. She says that it could have driven them apart but in fact made them closer and to illustrate, actually tells them that she has to wipe his ass now. Who knew she'd fit in so well with the oversharing on camera? At first I thought Zack was genuinely miffed that she said that but then, with a totally straight face, he jokes that he'd cover his face except he has no hands.

As Bailey helps get Mary situated Mary tells her that she and Bill left town right after the shooting and proceeded to go on a ton of amazing vacations which blew right through their savings but were totally worth it, as they learned firsthand how short life can be. Both women smile at this but are still very serious given just how they both learned that lesson. We cut back to an interview at her house which takes place while Mary is doing dishes and seriously, why do shows like this do that kind of thing? Obviously the cameras didn't just truly show up unexpectedly while Mary was cleaning house, so it's not going to be weird if they just had her sit down and talk. We get it, she's a normal person. She tells the camera that she's really looking forward to having babies once the surgery is over.

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