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Back at the hospital, the state-of-the-art security system malfunctions and sirens start blaring -- not so good for the poor patient who already went through an actual emergency. Bailey assures her that this happens once or twice a week, but Mary is having an understandably hard time relaxing. Bailey herself is a bit on edge, and it seems like so far this so-new-we've-never-actually-seen-it-before system has quite a lot of kinks to work out.

In fact that's exactly what Richard lightheartedly tells the filmmakers -- that they are just some kinks and that always happens with something new. Once the sirens finally stop he looks all pleased, like this proves his point that it's nothing to worry about. I have no idea how none of their own have died of heart attacks with this new system.

In their interview, Cristina says that the security system has a lockdown feature, and Mere continues that it isolates different areas of the hospital in case of emergency. Barely able to control their delight, they say that supposedly some people were wandering around during the last emergency. Good that there's something about that day Cristina can laugh about... I guess? Seriously, that's something else I might in fact keep from the viewing audience.

Richard claims that even with the kinks, he thinks people feel safer, which is important? I would use Mary as a prime example of how this is totally not true, but okay, Chief. Arizona knocks and tries to leave when she sees the camera but he insists she come in and we realize that the timing totally isn't an accident -- he wants to brag about how she won a prestigious grant called the Carter Madison Grant. She looks like an absolute deer in the headlights and is confused by his arm around her. Obviously she didn't realize this whole thing was just a PR stunt.

Outside she admits she hasn't told that many people yet, but obviously she just told Teddy and the cameras are at the coffee cart to see Teddy totally excited for her friend. Callie's there too, but it's obvious that she's the reason why Arizona hasn't felt like celebrating yet, as Callie's got a very tight smile on her face, trying (and failing) to look supportive.

In a separate interview, Arizona explains that she didn't apply because of the shooting -- she applied two years earlier when she had just started working there. She explains that there are gaps in medical care for kids in developing countries and that there are no initiatives for pediatric care like there are for things like malaria and immunizations, but with this grant she could start to change that. She's excited but clearly also has some trepidation as she says that when she applied she was a different person but now she has important people there -- they show a shot of her and Callie hand in hand, kissing when they get to work, just so we Get It. But Arizona goes on to say that this is bigger than her, and of course she's going to accept. She seems very much like she's trying to convince herself as much as the viewers. We then smash to a "Coming up on..." montage filled with all sorts of drama, and the first two notes of the music they play sounds suspiciously close to the ER intro.

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