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Mark and Owen are now outside walking with their coffees and explaining more about the surgery -- not just anyone is a good candidate, especially given that most amputees decide to just continue using prosthetics. They go in through security as they point out the obvious, that putting cadaver arms on someone's body can mess with a person's head, and it takes years of rehabilitation to finally get comfortable with them. Once inside, in an interview Derek picks up the thread to explain the extensive screening, saying the recipient must be mentally stable, tough and extremely patient before they even deem them suitable and start looking for an arm. They've been looking for Zack's new arms for over two years.

Lexie has joined Callie and is doing various doctor things to the donor when she notices something that clearly worries her. When she calls Callie over she is obviously hoping that Callie has already seen what Lexie is looking at, but fearing that she has not. There is of course lots of stuttering and babbling, this show's hallmark, as she calls to Callie, but when Callie looks at whatever it is she gasps and stares. What is it? A giant sore? A growth? An extra finger? No, it is a very small tattoo of the name Nicole in script on the inside of one forearm, an inch long at most.

Lexie is formally introduced with her own chyron along with April, and they are out at the nurses' station talking about unfair it is that "something like this" could ruin everything. We saw this line in the next-on but superimposed over something urgent, like chest compressions or some such, and it was just, "This could ruin everything!" Seriously, Seattle Medical's next-ons are just as vague and misleading as Mad Men's. Jackson walks up and I can't quite understand what he says has he has a mouthful of energy bar and is snickering, but he asks something about the arm transplant like it's the funniest thing in the world. Lexie asks him what's wrong and so, as if he is in kindergarten, he asks back, "Nothing, what's wrong with you?" Seriously, is he high? Are we going to get a big Very Special Jackson Intervention Episode coming up or is this just part of his downhill spiral that's been picking up steam all season? Whatever it is, the girls aren't quite sure of what to make of him.

Callie, however, is very serious and teaches us that this is a big concern because the recipient could reject the arms either physically or emotionally because of the tattoo. She's sorting bandages while she interviews, complete with sexy close-up of the wraps -- again, what is the point of this? It's mundane yet ridiculous. As she sorts she tells of the first hand recipient who ultimately asked to have it removed because he felt he couldn't "connect" with it, and then asks us all to imagine looking at a tattoo of the donor's wife's name every day to remind you that these aren't really your arms.

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