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Callie goes in to break the news to Zack and Nora but she can't actually spit it out, and instead just causes them some panic as they try to guess what is wrong. Mark is there too and he's finally the one who says that the name Nicole is tattooed on one of the arms. But Zack was clearly very well screened, and is obviously sick of going without arms, because after a dumbfounded moment he announces that he loves the name Nicole and Nora quickly agrees. This then devolves into a list of all of the things in their lives that they will now rename Nicole. Callie is shocked but very happy that Zack tells them that if he can still get the arms, that is his new favorite name.

The real Nicole then tells the story of the tattoo, just so our hearts can be wrenched a little bit more -- Sam declared a year after they met that they were going to get a tattoo and took her to the shop, but she told him that he was crazy and that people declare their love by doing normal things like going on dates or even proposing. Sam agreed, and then dropped down and proposed then and there. Obviously, he then also walked over to the chair and got the tattoo, which then always reminded Nicole of how much he loved her, even when they were having stupid arguments. I dare anyone to be unmoved by her realization that she now has to refer to her husband in the past tense.

Lexie is still having problems with her security badge and can't even open a door to wheel Lily to get her MRI; Alex has to do it for her. As we see him taking his young patient in and getting her settled, he interviews that going into pediatric surgery has nothing to do with liking kids, but rather is a really elite specialty made up of the best of the best. But he obviously does care, despite his protests, and he makes the camera back off of a scared Lily as she's about to go in to the machine. He tells her she can't have her iPod in there but she does the gaping fish mouth again, and no matter how much he wouldn't like anyone to believe it, he's actually a sweet guy. In one of the best moments ever, he goes back to the control board, picks up a microphone, tells Lily she can't mock him later, and begins a terrible yet sincere rendition of "Wouldn't Change A Thing" by friend of Grey's (and new rehab attendee) Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas from the fine film Camp Rock 2. (In my own defense, I had to look that up -- I swear I didn't know that off the top of my head!) Lily smiles as he sings, along with what I'm sure is a very high percentage of the viewing audience, and though he continues to insist he wouldn't choose this specialty because of the kids, he's obviously fooling himself because his insides are clearly made of marshmallow.

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