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Another trauma comes in and we see the girls walking away while Mere talks about how it was good that the shooting happened there since they are so equipped to deal with trauma. Well, some more than others, especially these days -- when the doctors pull back the patient's shirt to reveal that he was shot in the chest, Cristina freezes, and Meredith deftly takes over and calls orders while Cristina tries to sound tough as she explains that there's another trauma coming in and she'll wait for that. As Mere walks her gunshot victim to the elevator she insists that it's not weird that Cristina isn't going along since she's taking the next guy, and she insists that all surgeons are dying to get to the OR and cut: "It's who we are." She's obviously protesting too much, and the filmmakers realize it, because the next thing they show through a window is Cristina looking down at a sleeping patient, then going into the next room and hanging her head for a moment before crawling onto a bed and curling up in the fetal position. This is surely going to inspire confidence in future Seattle Grace patients.

Bill is folding Mary's fuzzy socks as he tries to talk her out of surgery and into another trip. But then they cut to Bailey who insists that this is a totally typical surgery that she'll sometimes do multiple times a day, and in fact was supposed to perform it that day. She trails off and can't actually bring herself to say what happened that day, but then pulls herself together and says that a few things are starting to get a little off in Mary's system, so it's good to get it done and over with now. Clearly, in addition to the medical reasons, she wants to tie up this particular loose thread from that day.

Alex takes some lab results to Arizona and tells the cameraman that they don't look good. Hilariously, Seattle Medical has captioned everything that someone says in a low voice and/or a mumble, even though I can understand all of that. Yet they don't caption whatever possibly-high Jackson said with a mouth full of food, and I still have no idea what he said. Alex walks in on Arizona and Callie having a rip-roaring fight about her going to Africa and Callie uses the interruption to storm out indignantly when Alex offers to give them a moment.

Callie goes to scrub in for her marathon surgery and just like most of these doctors who don't hesitate to air their dirty laundry in front of patients, Callie decides to gripe about her personal life to the camera for the world to see. She spits that you don't turn down a Carter Madison Grant and insists she understands, but then slumps and admits that if the situation were reversed she wouldn't even consider moving right now. But this isn't her decision, so she repeats that it's an incredible opportunity and then angrily scrubs in. At least you know her hands are going to be really super clean after that. Once she walks in to the OR she tells everyone that she hopes they have a bone saw ready, "Because I'm really in the mood to cut off some arms." Seriously, she's really saying that when she knows she has a television audience? Whatever happened to at least pretending to have respect for the donor and his family? This seems more than a tad inappropriate but I guess that's never stopped any of the staff of this hospital before, so why start now?

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