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Happy New Year, my darlings! We're ushered into the latest episode by... pretty much showing the end of the last episode once again. Bailey's wedding is missing a bride, Bailey is missing her dress while she works on Adele, and Princess and Alex are annoyed. Moving forward a little bit we see that Owen and Cristina have progressed to pulling each other's clothes off. Derek is sleeping and recovering from his surgery, while at the venue Callie tells the other bridesmaids that Bailey was nervous, Ben overhears, and asks Callie just how nervous she was.

Mere VOs that we should answer our doctor's questions because if we don't, they have to run a bunch of tests to try and figure out what's wrong and everyone is left waiting. Like Ben. And his silent phone.

Back at the hospital, things are still going horribly. Bailey orders Leah to arrange an endoscopy for Adele; Leah says she will and then asks pointedly if Bailey wants her to call anyone else. Bailey has no idea what she's playing at until Leah gives her Look and Bailey gasps in horror. She immediately claims she didn't forget and Leah plays along even before the words are fully out of Bailey's mouth. She tells Leah to call Ben but is incredibly frustrated at herself for having "not" forgotten.

We see Cristina and Owen in a naked post-coital tangle; Cristina asks Owen what it means but he doesn't know. When she starts to talk -- clearly about to suggest that maybe they could make it work -- he tells her not to talk about it now. They kiss again but are interrupted by the familiar bonky bonk of his pager and he sighs at the idea of facing the real world again.

[Reader Tonya emailed me and finally enlightened me about the magic bonky pagers, which are a technology called Vocera. They basically can do anything -- page people, call people, give notice when a patient is calling a nurse, cook a five-course dinner and give you a manicure. Most awesomely, apparently if you tell it to "Call Captain Kirk," you get a recording from William Shatner. AMAZING.]

Leah seems to have called Ben because he gets up in front of his guests and very classily explains that Bailey is stuck in emergency surgery, which the fellow surgeons will understand, and everyone else can go eat and drink on his dime while they wait. When Callie hears this she figures Bailey has fled and she moans that she's the worse (self-appointed) Maid of Honor ever. She decides to go to the hospital but Mere says that she'll be the one to go since she's a general surgeon and might be able to take over for Bailey. Arizona then turns to Callie and asks if she really told Bailey to run; Callie tries to soften her faux pas by pointing out that she said Bailey "could" run, not that she "should." Callie then, well, runs for the bar while Arizona mulls this over, looking like she just tasted something unpleasant.

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