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When Callie and Arizona make it back to the reception, they realize that they missed the whole ceremony and hope that Bailey doesn't notice. But after kissing her new husband, Bailey catches sight of them and chastises Callie for being a terrible Maid of Honor. Mere rejoins them, back in her amazing red dress, and Callie ignores the "terrible" part and reports triumphantly that she won the MOH title. Arizona reaches over and takes Callie's hand, and they have a nice little moment where they and everyone around them are happy.

Jackson and Stephanie get back in the car in their wedding finery but he gets a text letting him know that they missed it too. He offers to take her home, and she sits silently for a moment and then blurts out that she can't sleep with him. Jackson denies that this is what he meant (which, at this moment, I believe to be true) and tells her he doesn't sleep with interns. They stutter back and forth some more about how this is something they totally aren't going to do, which gives me a moment to study Jackson's good looks and to offer up a short silent wish that he shave his neck if he's going to let himself keep that sort of stubbly beard he's got going on. After all of their denials and excuses die down, they gaze at each other a moment and then start making out.

Owen is staring at his divorce papers when Cristina comes in and joins him. She suggests that they take a moment and think about it before they rush to sign but he declares that he's done thinking about it, and they never should have gotten married in the first place. He tells her that they took something beautiful and put it in a box, just as Rage described, and then proceeded to beat against the walls of the box and tear each other apart. He thinks that signing will get them out of that box and then they won't hurt each other anymore. You know that they are still in the box this very moment, though, because boy is he hurting her now. With tears in her eyes, she picks up the pen and signs. He then signs as well, quickly as if the pen was on fire. Both of them finally look at each other with tears streaming down their faces, and kiss. Okay, so I can't conclusively figure out what this means. I could interpret this as a breakup kiss or as a "We have broken free and now our love can soar as if on a motorcycle" kiss; I guess we'll see how it plays out next week. I think Cristina is pretty sure this is a breakup kiss, though.

April and Smash are back at the reception and she brings him a drink and tells him happily that this is what a great night in the ER looks like. She wants to celebrate by getting "stupid drunk" and dancing, which Smash seems to think means, "Make sweet love to my subordinate." He cuts her off to try and gently let her down because he doesn't want to sleep with her and endanger his spot in this prestigious medical program. April is absolutely horrified that the thought of her coming on to him ever crossed his mind and points out that all of those things he took as flirting were just her being nice. I mean, come on, Smash. She's worried that he feels sexually harassed, and he immediately assures her that it's not that at all. Now that this is the most uncomfortable wedding not-date ever, April drains her glass of wine in an effort to get over that awkward conversation.

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