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Things are rather less awkward between Jackson and Stephanie, who have moved to the backseat and fogged up the windows. When he pulls his shirt off, Stephanie can't help but exclaim at his God-like physique and he thinks maybe she wants him to put it back on. She assures him that, actually, he should never put it back on. I second that.

Alex is having a grand time raiding the minibar in their stolen hotel room while Princess tries on the hotel bathrobe and declares it to be as soft as a polar bear. That makes me think it's really thick and a little bit scratchy, but maybe she's had the chance to nuzzle one and knows more than I do. The door opens and a guy sticks his head in, telling them he's pretty sure this is his room. But Princess grabs something from the table and throws it at him so he runs away and the two of them crack up. I maintain fully that she is THE WORST. And she's totally dragging Alex down with her. And also, shouldn't they get out of there since it's going to take exactly two minutes for Jordan Whoever to prove that it really is his room?

Bailey is, rightly, saddened to find that no one left any mac and cheese cupcakes for her while her mom is a mom and pointedly reminds her that she kept her guests waiting for five hours so what did she expect? As they sweetly bicker, Richard arrives and Bailey goes to him and gives him a bear hug. She's still on a wedding high but she urgently asks him about Adele's vitals. The DJ calls her to the floor, however, and Richard sends her away. As the happy couple dances, Meredith sees Richard and walks over. She's surprised to see him there and then the horrible truth hits her and she realizes there is only one reason he would have left Adele's bedside. "No... when?" she asks. Richard fights back tears as he tells Mere that while the surgery was a success, Adele's heart couldn't take it and she died of a heart attack a short while ago. Meredith is horrified and starts to chastise herself for leaving but Richard cuts her off and forcefully tells her she did everything she could. In silence, they stand together and then she leans into him and they both cry while they watch the happy couple on the floor.

Mere reminds us to tell our doctors everything, including the small details which make the story. We see April and Smash, totally awkward with each other, and Callie and Arizona, finally at ease and happy with each other.

And then we see Richard and Adele, smiling and laughing, dancing alone in the empty venue to "My Funny Valentine." Back in the real world, Richard's tears fall unchecked as he remembers his beautiful bride.

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