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His romantic delusions are interrupted by the bonking of pagers and their dates walk over, having gotten paged too. As Princess gets up to leave, though, Alex informs her with a sneer that she can't practice medicine since she's already had a drink and calls her "Hobo Jo." In real life I think anyone hearing that would chalk it up to Alex just being a jerk again and not wonder why he came up with that particular name but this is TV so Stephanie and Smash both look shocked while she gets all shifty and claims she has no idea why Alex would call her that. Also, how convenient is it that everyone else just happened to have water? Amazing! After everyone else leaves, he sits down next to her and orders another round for them both. Except... he was also drinking water earlier, or at least it looked like it. You know what? I think I'm asking more questions than anyone intended about this scene. Woo! More booze! This is certain to end well!

As Bailey and Leah scrub in for surgery Leah reports that she told Ben about the surgery but not who the patient was; Bailey is happy about this because if he knew he'd send the guests home and she claims she is still getting married today. Mere then walks in, which send Bailey into a panic that the wedding was called off, but Mere quickly assures her she just came to help. Bailey reports that Adele has the largest aortic aneurysm that she's ever seen.

When the rest of the docs file into the ER, Owen is shocked to hear that Bailey is there. That's what happens during sexy time with your soon-to-be ex-wife -- the wife of your former Chief of Surgery is brought in and another doc skips her wedding to help operate while you wonder if you can go another round before anyone notices you're missing as well as continue to dodge questions about the future of your relationship. The others are all horrified to hear that Bailey's patient is Adele but Owen reminds them to focus on their own patients and to get to work.

Heather calls for help and Owen goes over to find a patient who can only be described as a "tough broad" threatening Heather not to touch her. She appears to be the leader of the club as she turns and barks orders at two gigantic dudes (one of whom was the one to give Owen the rundown when they first rode in, who the internet tells me is named Rage) to give her status updates on all of the patients and to find out what happened. Owen tries to order the guys to the waiting room but the patient, aptly named Gasoline, growls at him not to get in the way of club business; if he screws with one of them, they all will screw with him. Fortunately Owen has dealt with some tough individuals in his life so he walks up closer to have a little chat. He points out that his guys are actually all trying to help her guys, so the two giant lieutenants can check on the others as long as they don't bother the doctors. He also orders her to lie back so that Heather can check her out. Gasoline is wary, but does at least settle back down. I get the impression she's not too used to having to compromise.

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