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The guy who lost most of the outer layers of his arm is named Stuart, and the doctors are surprised when he asks about the others and clearly seems to be part of the gang. He explains that he's not officially in the club but that they let him hang around and it's been the best time of his life. However, he's convinced he's ruined everything because the crash was his fault. There's an odd moment when Stephanie says that she thinks guys on motorcycles are hot, and she and Jackson exchange another Look, but it's actually just weird because I don't think Jackson rides motorcycles so it seems stupidly pointed. Was there no other way to continue showing the sexual tension between them and April's distaste for it? Jackson thinks he can save Stuart's hand and gets ready to go to the OR with him. He takes Stephanie with him while April slaps Shane on the back and says that he's her guy. It's totally obvious that she's doing it to save face with Jackson, but Shane looks awfully uncomfortable on account of his zero experience with any female ever in the history of time.

Arizona and Callie go up to their room, and Callie is grinning like a fool. Both of them are still nervous, though, and after they get the lighting and the window shades just right, they haltingly reach for each other like they are eighth graders going in for the first kiss after the school dance. They finally kiss but then Arizona pulls back and says that she'd like to take off her leg first. Callie offers to help but Arizona think that it's not sexy so she wants to do it herself without Callie watching. Callie can't believe she's serious and chuckles as she asks if Arizona wants her to hide in the bathroom until it's off and Arizona is under the covers. The smile slips right off her face when Arizona sincerely asks if she will do just that.

As Bailey and Mere get ready to open Adele up in the OR, they look up and see a very worried Richard in the gallery. Mere sends Leah up to go sit with him while they work.

Back at the bar, Alex is still harassing Princess so she yells back at him angrily that she had no parents and lived in her car so of course she has trust issues blah blah blah martyrcakes. Alex speaks for us all when he replies, "You need to stop acting like you're the only person who had a crappy childhood." She self-righteously challenges him, asking how many foster homes he lived in, and when he gives her an actual answer (17) and adds that he went to juvie instead of living in his car she thinks he's just mocking her. Once she realizes he isn't, though, she's interested, and she and Alex try to out-horrible-childhood each other. Finally she asks if he ever had to sleep with 19 other foster kids in a basement where their parents locked the doors and forced them to use buckets as toilets... it goes on, and Alex is horrified until she cackles that she didn't go through this either, she just saw it in a movie on cable. Alex is somehow amused rather than fed up and laughs, asking how she got cable in her car; she reminds him that she doesn't STILL live in a car these days. Goody. Now the ice is broken between them so that they have a more straightforward path to dysfunctional love. (Or at least lust.)

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