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Rage has apparently made the rounds and he reports back to Gasoline that Stuart was in fact the first one to crash, and everyone else followed. They're interrupted by Cristina and Heather, and Cristina very quickly learns not to call Gasoline by the name her parents gave her. Truth be told, Gasoline really is kind of badass and awesome. Cristina reports that Gasoline has fluid around her heart and they need to drain it, but Gasoline refuses since she has to take care of some business. She's unmoved when Cristina points out that she could die from this and instead asks if they have seen Stuart. Gasoline tells them that if they can find him and take her to him, then they can do whatever they want to her. Rage and the other large gentlemen then glare at the docs so they back carefully away.

Smash is busy doing a totally ham-fisted suture job on one of the other bikers, so the guy demands he get some help from April and won't listen to Smash's excuses and tells him he thinks Smash is trying to avoid his "old lady." He claims with a saucy eyebrow raise that he noticed how April looked Smash, which just makes Smash more determined to do the job on his own until the patient's tortured yelps cause April to come over and make sure Smash isn't killing the guy. She calmly reminds him that this is a teaching hospital and then leans in to show Smash how to do it right; as she does, she leans right into his chest to get the right angle. The dude gives Smash a knowing smile, and April rubs his shoulder and tells him he's doing good work. The patient just chuckles at Smash's face as he fights to keep his composure. I still am not convinced at all that April has any feelings for Smash, conscious or unconscious, so I'm not sure if this biker is as deluded as Smash is or if he was just stirring up shit for amusement while the intern stabbed away at his leg.

Things sound like they are going pretty badly in Adele's surgery, and up in the gallery Richard tries to send Leah back down so that she can observe. He explains that in cases like Adele's, most people would notice a mass and go to the hospital, where it would be caught, but someone with Alzheimer's can't remember if they told anyone or not and so medical issues can really easily go unchecked. He adds that someone should have been paying attention, and his tone implies that he's taking 100% of the blame despite almost punching out the guy from Rose Ridge. After he tries to send Leah away one more time she tells him that, respectfully, she's not going to leave so he should stop asking. This week is seriously the first time that Leah has acted like an actual human being -- a CAPABLE human being -- in the ten episodes she's had so far this season. She then asks Richard to explain what the surgeons are doing down below but the unfortunate answer is "not much" since they have pretty much run out of options and are terrified. Mere and Bailey both look up at him, worried.

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