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Meredith kicks us off this week with a voiceover that says that while doctors like to think of themselves as sexy renegades, it turns out they are basically sheep who always follow protocol. No matter how much he follows protocol, Jackson has no worries about also looking sexy; he takes off his shirt to sneak up and seduce Lexie as she does laundry and they start to make out. April walks in wanting to use the washer for some unsexy laundry and is ticked to find them there, asking if there is anywhere left in the house that they don't hook up. She storms off and Lexie briefly entertains the idea of their going upstairs but she's quickly distracted by more making out with a half-naked man and they get down to business right there.

Alex has bucked the trend and actually moved OUT of Mere's house, though all he's done is move into Derek's trailer, which he has positioned in the hospital parking lot. Bailey's ticked that he's blocking her parking spot, and not very impressed by Alex's explanation that this way he's able to get surgeries first since he's so close -- something important for a possible future Chief Resident. I'm going to try and forget that he just spits his toothpaste onto the pavement as he brushes his teeth, because it's revolting.

Mere's VO reminds us that not following protocol can lead to people dying. I suppose that puts most other professions into perspective for a moment. She and Derek are examining Adele who is asking them when they are going to just get married, already. Richard tells her gently that they are married, in a tone that says they have had this conversation before, but he'll be gentle because he thinks her mind is going. Adele isn't having any of that and says that she knows about the post-it but she's talking about a real live, actual, white-dress, marriage-licensed wedding, and that has nothing to do with her potential Alzheimer's. I suspect she is just voicing what much of the viewing audience still thinks of the Mere-Der union, though truth be told I think the post-it works for these two and we're not going to see anything else for a long time, if ever. Derek changes the subject and tells her she's got symptoms that can be early onset Alzheimer's, but she doesn't want to hear it and counters by reminding him that she was a nurse and she knows that 20% of all Alzheimer's diagnoses turn out to be wrong. Richard is obviously worried and doesn't believe her when she insists she is fine.

Outside, Meredith and Derek remind him gently that it takes a lot of patients a long time to come to terms with the diagnosis, but Richard isn't any patient and he wants to get things done; he orders Derek to get Adele into the trial. The first problem Derek points out is that they need Adele's consent, which currently seems unlikely, and then he reminds Richard that both the trial and the wait list are totally full. Richard isn't interested in what he sees as excuses and just tells Derek pointedly that he knows Derek will do whatever he can to help Adele.

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