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When April gets to the sofa, bowl of popcorn in hand and despair on her face, it's the last straw to find Avery and April already there and making out. She pauses only for a moment before stomping over, yanking their legs out of the way, and sitting down. They are surprised and ask, "Do you mind?" but they're messing with a girl who is both bummed and kind of embarrassed, and that's given her the strength to at least stand up to her horny roommates. She tells them that if this were her she might want to make out in private, and both Lexie and Avery seem to think she might still be kidding until she pointedly starts to turn up the volume on the TV. They finally get up and go upstairs and she sits down to watch From Here To Eternity and mope about the ornery little man she could be cuddling with right now.

Meredith starts her voiceover, reminding us that the theme of the hour was protocol, and questioning if it's better to follow it or not. Hey, remember Owen? Hot redheaded Army surgeon? He's still on this show, who knew? We'd barely seen him for so long that I'd forgotten about him. He gets home to find Cristina so excited about her surgery that she ordered pizza for dinner instead of their usual dry cereal. She talks about how she's sure she'll get Chief Resident but finally notices the look on his face and pauses; he tells her that Richard gave him the task of choosing the next Chief Resident. Cristina is stoked for one moment until she realizes this means she'll never get it, since everyone would think Owen was picking favorites. She starts to moan and freak out and can't believe that Owen is so calm as to be able to eat pizza at a time like this.

Meredith tells us that risk brings both rewards and fallout, but that sometimes you need to take the chance and bet big. Arizona and Callie are on their babymoon, and Callie gets a text that Mark, freaking out because he realized Lexie is dating Avery. (Why this wouldn't have come up before the next morning, I don't know -- and last time we saw Mark he was elated about the successful shower, but hey, this brings tension!) She seems to find his distress endearing and wants to call him but Arizona can't believe that Mark is part of their vacation only ten minutes in, and she throws Callie's phone into the backseat. For the record, besides the fact that most TV scenes that take place in cars lead to only one conclusion, Arizona is barely even pretending to look at the road while they bicker about him. Callie takes off her seatbelt to reach into the back and retrieve her phone and they argue about Arizona's jealousy. Finally, Callie yells that she's doing the best she can to make sure that the three adults involved plus the little baby inside of her are all happy. She's at a loss of what else to do for her jealous, bitter girlfriend, and she pleads with Arizona to tell her what to do, and she'll do it. Arizona just seethes silently but then has an idea and as Callie texts Mark, she says, "Marry me." Callie thinks it is a joke but Arizona is totally serious and assures Callie that she loves her more than anything and wants to take it to the next level with the rings and the ceremony and everything else. She beams at Callie, happily seeing nothing else other than her beloved, and Callie stares back, not saying anything. Finally, she faces forward, sucks in a breath, and there's a loud, sickening crash as we fade to white. Dude, you know what this show needed? More near-death hallucinations! And this way we're going to get them in spades with next week's musical episode.

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