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Bailey and Avery go in to see their patient of the week, Clara, but when Avery starts to recite her info her very exasperated husband Sean demands to hear from the "grown-up doctor" rather than the "kid." Clara is recovering from a tumor removal but she has diabetes and getting her insulin levels back has been a challenge, to say the least. Sean is freaking out because their kids are living with his parents, with whom he seems to have issues. He's clearly just a man at the end of his rope, and Bailey does her best to try and calm him down but not much is helping. Eli is her nurse, and he finally interrupts Bailey to talk Sean down himself. He does a pretty good job, reminding Sean that they weren't sure if Clara would even survive surgery, but that Bailey was willing to take the risk and it paid off. Eli tells them that if Clara can get through that she can do anything, and she smiles up at Sean as he grabs her hand. Bailey looks a little bit put out to have had Eli take over her job for a moment but she keeps it to herself since it worked.

Alex must be serious about being Chief Resident because he does the unthinkable and asks Stark if he has any work for him, since Arizona is busy with the upcoming baby shower. Stark still loathes him and waves him away, but Alex is still there to see how Stark lights up when April comes in to report on their patients. He reminds her of their 7 PM dinner reservation and then when he leaves, Alex sneers that he's impressed that April is sleeping her way to the top. April argues that the two of them aren't even dating; even though she thought at first it might be dating she's realized they are just friends hanging out. Alex, and the viewing audience and the rest of the world, really, don't believe her.

Teddy walks down to the ER to see her patient, a jogger who was found unconscious in the street with no ID on him. Because this is the intimate world of television, she walks in as Cristina shocks him and realizes that the jogger is, in fact, her husband. Also because this is TV, Cristina doesn't seem to have recognized him herself even though she's been one of his doctors already. All the better to leave Teddy looking shocked as we go to our first commercial.

Once Henry is conscious, Teddy yells at him for going jogging when he was having chest pains. When she sees that he's still in obvious pain she yells at Cristina to give him more pain meds, and it's obvious this is a higher caliber of worry than normally occurs within the standard doctor-patient relationship. They plan to run tests to see if he had a heart attack.

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