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Bailey seeks out Richard to tell him she thinks she has a candidate for his trial, once it gets going. He reminds her he doesn't have FDA approval yet but she thinks just being first on the list would help Clara's and her husband's spirits. Avery throws out the idea of doing the surgery today since she's doing so badly; they could apply for an emergency FDA waiver to perform it. Bailey shoots this idea down because if something went wrong, the chances of the FDA ever approving the trial could be shot. But Richard thinks about it and decides that he'll call and see if he can get the waiver, and Avery puffs out his chest a little bit, thinking he's just scored some major Chief Resident points.

Arizona and Mark are up in one of the doctors' lounges preparing for the shower when Mere and Cristina lug a table inside. Arizona is dismayed to find out that he is planning a scrapbook station, complete with glitter pens, and tries to cancel it but Marks' adamant that Callie wanted them to go all out. His voice gets soft as he stares at a tiny white onesie and adds that there will also be a onesie decorating station. Mere looks at him like he just sprouted another head but he defends that he went and researched all this stuff once he knew the baby was on the way. When Callie comes in Arizona runs to her like a pouting child and asks if she wants scrapbooks but is disappointed to hear that Callie not only wants the station but is super excited about it and the inclusion of glitter pens. Mark can't help but grin at his own brilliance.

Tarik is on the phone, clearly in the middle of an argument with the very Gavin that his mother adores, and Mere comes upon him and hears Tarik tell him to stop calling. He sheepishly explains to Meredith that the situation is a little bit more complicated than his mother can handle, which worries Meredith -- she explains to him that they need the caregiver to be a full-time resident of Washington and that this is a very big commitment, and if there's the slightest chance he would move back to London he needs to tell them. But Tarik earnestly tells her about how his mom supported him when he came out, which is something that is considered a crime in their family. His dad left but his mom stood by him even as she lost everything, so this is the least he can do for her. Mere seems to still have a hint of worry but takes him at his word as he seems dead serious and committed.

Bailey and Avery go back to Clara and explain the new procedure that might help, where they would put a device with islet cells into her body that would produce insulin and basically act as a new pancreas. As they explain Eli comes in and defensively watches the proceedings with his arms crossed in front of them. Sean and Clara don't notice because they are so overjoyed that something might actually help her. After Avery tells them that they are waiting on FDA approval, Eli aggressively demands to know what the risks are, adding that they must be serious or else it would already have been approved. I don't know how these things work but I figure this is both true and an oversimplification, as supposedly this is a brand new idea for a procedure that hasn't been tried before, so of course it's not yet approved. Bailey is taken aback and says she was about to get to that; she's been thrown off by his interruption and tries to regain her composure as she lists the potential (bad) side effects that could result. She concludes, though, that this is the best option since everything else has failed, but Sean is confused now and Clara asks them for time. Bailey of course gives it, and then demands that Eli follow her outside.

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